BIM Management and Collaboration

Wherever you look, construction and engineering are moving to BIM, and it’s changing the way projects are delivered. Along with the benefits, there can be confusion about what “BIM” actually is, and about the challenges it creates. Much more than just 3D design, BIM is all about shared processes and effective information management across organizations – and beyond the design teams. For BIM to deliver on its promises of higher margins, lower risk and better project handover, you need cross-organizational processes and systems that make collaboration easy.

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Learn how Aconex is already helping clients deliver successful BIM projects, and new tools that make BIM collaboration even easier.

Distribute, communicate and review BIM files with ease.

Some of the immediate BIM challenges are around file distribution and communication. For example, how do you store and distribute large model files? How do you manage review and approval processes across many different parties? What about clear, structured communications with a reliable audit trail? All of this is critical to to the success of your BIM project.  

Aconex has been helping clients deliver successful BIM projects for years, bringing together key tools for effective BIM collaboration and management:

  • Secure storage and easy distribution of large files, to drive project-wide collaboration on models
  • Automation of BIM processes, to speed up decisions and provide control and visibility
  • Revision control, to maintain a full model history – a record of when changes were made, and by whom.

BIM - Tools that break down the barriers

The Aconex collaboration platform comes with the tools you need to manage your BIM projects. These tools remove barriers between people and between systems, improving control and speeding up project delivery.

BIM ScreenshotAconex BIM Viewer makes it easy for anyone to view BIM files

How do you make it easy for everyone on the project – not just the design team – to view and collaborate on models? The Aconex BIM Viewer allows any project participant to access BIM files from within the Aconex platform – without having to download the entire model or use special software.   

  • No software – Built into the Aconex platform, the Viewer enables viewing of IFC files. Models are available to the entire project team, without the need to download or purchase software.
  • Streaming – The Viewer streams enough for you to see exactly what you need, without downloading the full model.
  • Powerful features – Fully integrated 3D viewer functionality coordinates and streamlines the review process, helping you to detect and resolve issues earlier.
  • Real-time capabilities – ‘Live’ viewing and mark-up of models by multiple organizations simultaneously help move your project forward.
  • User-defined views – Capture and share views for easier collaboration, distribution and tracking of information and decisions.

BIM Revit Plug-InRevit Plug-In for Aconex makes publishing drawings painless

Project communication often requires the issue of 2D drawings to the Aconex platform. Using Revit alone, this can be a tedious and time-consuming process. The Revit Plug-In for Aconex takes care of that.

  • Publish straight to the Aconex platform: It’s a simple process to issue deliverables directly to the platform, as the metadata in the model automatically maps the Aconex document metadata. This eliminates uncontrolled issues and repetitive data entry.
  • Export and print multiple formats simultaneously:
    • Export and print in DWF, DWFx, DGN, DXF, and PDF
    • Predefine naming conventions based on actual Revit parameters
  • Improve output quality with centrally managed settings: Format settings for issuing drawings can be saved for future use, or used across many projects.

The Revit Plug-In for Aconex is delivered and supported by Xrev. Go to the Xrev website for more information, and to purchase the Plug-In.

Whether you're about to start your first BIM project, or you’re a seasoned BIM professional, talk to us now about how Aconex can help.