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BIM management, made easy

Multidimensional model management, often referred to as BIM, or building information models, are transforming the way project teams collaborate. But first, technical barriers to model management must be removed. Aconex simplifies BIM management, allowing multiple organizations to share, review, mark up and contribute to complex multidimensional models (3D, 4D, 5D or 6D) directly from a web browser. You'll get the full benefits of BIM collaboration, including a complete audit of all decisions, without the pain of specialized software.

The new world of collaborative BIM

A full event log tracks every change and decision made on a model.

Efficient model management

Distribute models in seconds across your project with no limits on model size. No special software required.

A complete information library

Everyone can view and markup a model, creating a single set of interconnected project data reflecting the combined expertise of every organization.

A record of every decision

Track every change. A full model history lets you see what decisions were made and by whom at any point in time.

Understand the context

On Aconex, all communications around a model are connected to that model, so you can get the full picture of why a particular decision was made.

Share BIM models for smarter processes at every stage

You don't need authoring software to access and review models. Do it in Aconex.

Design or feasibility

Starting with constructability reviews and cost estimates, multidimensional BIM models enhance the project team’s knowledge and can have a big impact on cost efficiency, especially when there are no barriers to accessing the models with Aconex.

Building with BIM

Use of models to facilitate prefabrication of everything from windows, doors and MEP components to subsea drilling or mine face components is another way of reducing costs and staying on schedule.

Coordinating virtual construction

By simulating the planned sequence of construction or assembly, BIM can be helpful in identifying problems and preventing clashes of all kinds.

Operation and maintenance

Providing an asset owner with a complete model of the project can be a tremendous help in managing a facility or asset. With Aconex, access to everything from design and schematics to as-built and warranty information is just a click or tap away.

Powerful but simple BIM management

Publish models from Revit straight into Aconex with our Revit plug-in.

Instant access to multiple dimensions (3D, 4D and more)

No more waiting for lengthy downloads. Aconex streams what you need to see, fast.

Publish in minutes

Upload a model from your BIM tool of choice, like Revit, to Aconex in minutes. Boost productivity by up to 400%.

Your choice of format

Export from your BIM model to Aconex and simultaneously print multiple formats, like DWF, WFx, DGN, DXF or PDF. Save your settings to use later.

Connect directly with print shops

Send plans to the printer directly from Aconex, no special handling required.

Aconex project highlights

Residential & Commercial

US$6 billion
Symphony Park, a PPP urban redevelopment project in Las Vegas

Symphony Park

For project managers, data control is everything.

Sam Gladstein
Vice President, Operations

Hospitality & Community

US$200 million
Centennial renovation of the landmark Ritz-Carlton Montréal

Ritz-Carlton Montreal renovation project

Aconex is an innovative solution that centralizes our project data and streamlines our inspection processes.

Eric Lessard
Director of Information Technology

Health & Education

US$265 million
New medium-security prison in Sorel-Tracy, Québec

Sorel-Tracy Detention Centre

We’re able to achieve efficiency and productivity improvements of 85% or more.

Eric Lessard
Director of Information Technology