Mobile Services, BIM & the Rise of Radical Transparency

bim-mobility-benefitsThere is one thing that leaders of the construction industry and good government activists can agree on: Greater transparency on construction projects benefits everyone.

During the last few years, increased transparency has had a remarkable effect on projects. Traditional adversarial relationships have become more trusting and there have been measurable gains in efficiency. But the most striking transformation is just beginning, as cloud, mobile, and now BIM technologies become embedded in every phase of project delivery.

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Innovation Through Standardization

Innovation In Construction ProjectsHave you ever had the kind of day that makes you question your sanity, as you react to one mini-crisis after the next? Truth be told, we all have those days. And, secretly, many of us even pat ourselves on the back when we’re able to improvise, solve problems, and go that extra mile to keep our projects on track. Every workplace needs a hero, right? Well, sort of.

These heroics are the tell-tale signs of a dedicated workforce. Relying upon employees to compensate for a lack of standardized processes, however, is reflective of an organization for which project success is not a given, and the quality of end products is often hard to predict. This is particularly true for companies operating in the construction, infrastructure, and energy and resources sectors.

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Tips for Successful Project Setup

Aconex Tips for Successful ProjectAconex enables clients to get up and running on our collaboration platform quickly. We break this process down into three easy steps: (1) register your organization, (2) configure your project and (3) invite new users. Steps one and three are low hurdles to clear. Step two – project configuration, however, is more involved. And, when done right, it’s the cornerstone of project delivery success.

Having participated in many configurations, I like to describe the ideal process as thorough, but not complicated. It’s important to be smart and thoughtful about how projects are configured, but it’s never good to over-complicate things. Here are six tips to follow when configuring your next project.

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One Belt, One Road: Collaboration Begins on the New Silk Road Trade Route

belt-road-obor-kick-off-summit-tv“Everyone from Beijing bankers to Cairo taxi drivers knows and understands the significance of a new Silk Road.” Source

When tremendous business opportunities surface, everyone takes notice.

The Chinese realized this more than 2,000 years ago when they sought to distribute and sell their silk products to the rest of the world.  They derived a solution — known as The Silk Road or Silk Trade Route – to connect Asia to the rest of the civilized world.

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How Combining Cloud + Mobility With BIM Facilitates Cost Savings And Better Project Delivery

BIM Mobile Apps Improve Bottom LineIn the world of megaproject delivery, companies are continually challenged to do things better, smarter, and faster just to remain competitive. As the industry continues its gradual adoption of cloud and mobile technologies, new and more collaborative approaches to managing processes are emerging.

BIM: Leading the Way

This is particularly true for building information modeling (BIM, or virtual design and construction (VDC) in some industries), a key space and emerging competitive battleground. In a recent survey by CONJECT (an Aconex company)1, BIM-users reported the top two benefits of BIM to be faster capture and resolution of design issues and clashes, and improved understanding and visibility of design decisions. Infusing cloud and mobile technologies into BIM is further emphasizing these benefits.

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