9 Best Practices to Successfully Deliver Infrastructure Megaprojects

infrastructure project managementAlternative delivery methods are on the rise for large infrastructure megaprojects because they’ve proven effective in moving schedules forward and spreading risk among multiple entities.

In Canada, a standard approach to delivering public-private partnerships has led to some of the most predictably successful projects in the world. According to a 2013 report by the Conference Board of Canada, 35 out of 42 projects reviewed by the board were completed on time or early and 40 out of 42 projects, or 95 percent, were no more than six months late.

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A Revealing Construction Project Innovation Forum

“Some of the greatest advances happen when people are bold enough to speak their truth and listen to others speak theirs.”  ~Kenneth Blanchard, Collaboration Begins With You

On Tuesday, March 22nd in San Francisco, Aconex and Turner & Townsend initiated the very first construction technology “Project Innovation Forum”.

With executives from Google, MWH, PG&E, Swinerton, Turner & Townsend and other project professionals present, the goal was simple: collaboration – industry leaders sharing their challenges and successes with the use of processes and innovative technology solutions for construction and engineering project management.

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Top 4 Pitfalls of Alternative Delivery Methods and How to Avoid Them

Congratulations! Your multimillion-dollar infrastructure project is about to break ground. You’ve sold the vision to shareholders and stakeholders, not to mention your family and friends. Although budgets were tight, you were able to take an innovative approach to financing by putting together a private-public partnership. Since then, you’ve been forging new paths in cooperation and collaboration between multiple entities.

Now, the fun begins.

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How Aconex Support Contributes to Project-Wide Collaborative Excellence

With controlled distribution and no limits on data or user numbers, Aconex gives every organization on a project ownership and control of its own information. This neutral approach to managing data encourages project-wide use of the platform, maximizes information capture and reduces risk.

We typically allow every user on a project to use Aconex at no additional cost, because that gives the best project outcome. In my 8 years in the industry, I have too often seen what happens when project data is managed across multiple systems, like employee hard drives, email, FTP sites, and so on: a company’s ability to bring a project in on time, on budget and without defects is put at risk.

One way to make sure a team uses Aconex for project documentation and processes is to make them aware of the training and support options available to them.

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Public-Private Partnerships & The Global Infrastructure Challenges of 2016

One of the topics that comes up when I meet with customers at the beginning of each year is what our construction industry will look like in 2016.

We’ve all read reports saying that our industry is not only back on track for growth but also poised for rapid expansion.  We are asking each other: “Does this ring true for you?”

Consider this post a reality check. I’ll distill the reports from our customers who are delivering projects around the world and compare their insights with the views and forecasts of experts. While there’s clearly a lot to celebrate, it pays to sound a note of caution.

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