Owners turn to PPPs, JVs, and Alternative Delivery Methods as Projects Get More Complex

The American architect Daniel Burnham is credited with saying, “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood.”

If Burnham were alive today he would be thrilled by the awe-inspiring construction projects underway in 2016.

The world’s largest bridge, longest gas pipeline and biggest airport are all under construction in China. Elsewhere on the planet, soaring skyscrapers, expanding metropolitan areas, and smarter, more efficient transportation corridors are coming into view.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM): What Owners Need To Know To Deliver Results

BIM project managementAfter years of questions about whether Building Information Modeling (BIM) significantly improves a project’s ROI, the debate is over.

In a McGraw Hill Construction survey of more than 700 contractors across ten countries, 50 percent of respondents with high BIM engagement levels reported an ROI greater than 25 percent. Ninety percent reported some level of ROI, ranging from reduced errors and omissions to less rework and faster project delivery.

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Need Aconex? Love Outlook?

Aconex for OutlookThe best run projects use Aconex Mail to manage risk and track all their project communications. The benefits over standard email are substantial, including easy tracking of status, visibility for the project team and a rock-solid audit trail.

While most project teams recognize this and use Aconex Mail as their project communication management tool, there is a still a small subset of users on any given project who use Aconex intermittently. These people tend to manage their project correspondence in Microsoft® Outlook because it is more familiar to them. Unfortunately, this increases the risk of data being lost when transferred outside of Aconex Mail, compromising audit trails for critical project decisions.

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4 Ways an Aconex Consultant Can Deliver You Value

Aconex Industry ConsultantsIt’s no secret that Aconex is a big product, rich in features – an integrated, robust solution that allows you to manage information and processes company-wide and across entire projects. With so much available functionality, how can you have confidence that you’re leveraging the platform to its full extent? Whether you’re a new or experienced user, the Aconex team of consultants is committed to accelerating your success. To that end, here are four ways your Aconex consultant can help you get maximum value from using the platform.

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Open BIM Workflows that Cut Project Waste

Open BIM WorkflowsOpen BIM is transforming design, construction and handover, bringing a new era of collaboration and efficient exchange of information between project stakeholders. Too often in the past, traditional BIM tools resulted in disconnected teams, disconnected data and considerable project waste.

Designed to Open BIM standards, a new generation of BIM tools allows users to publish models in a single click, speed up design coordination, track every decision and, with version control, have confidence that teams are working off of the latest information. All using only a web browser. Connected BIM from Aconex is one such solution.

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