Increase productivity with construction apps

Projects are run on-site and on the road as much as in the office. That’s why we made mobile access to the Aconex suite of solutions a priority. Now you can use our construction apps to collaborate, review processes, conduct inspections, reference O&M manuals and more while on the go.

Control big projects from small devices

Work from anywhere

Manage your project with our construction apps. With full project information at your fingertips you can be productive wherever you are.

Get more done on-site

Securely communicate with your project team, review and edit documents, resolve issues and delays, organize and conduct inspections and more.

Continue working offline

No connection? No problem. Access favorite mail and documents in full and sync back when a connection is restored.

Manage key processes with construction apps

Aconex Mobile

Share documents, drawings and correspondence on tablets or smartphones. View and edit images, mark-up documents and capture data on-site. Coordinate everything from permitting and bidding to RFIs and change orders. For iOS and Android.

Aconex Field

Complete field inspections in half the time. Increase accuracy and reduce rework. Manage quality, safety, commissioning and more, across project organizations and directly from the field. For iOS and Android.

Aconex Handover

Access and update operations and maintenance manuals on-site. For Windows 8.

Put your project team in your pocket

Work together easily

Collaborate around documents. Create and respond to RFIs or any other mail type. Attach documents, images and video. Review and markup plans and drawings. Distribute new versions instantly.

Your device, our apps

We support iOS and Android smartphones and tablets with our award-winning construction apps.

Everything is backed up

Rely on a full audit trail to quickly resolve disputes. Aconex records every decision and keeps a version of every document.