Process management that works across your project.

Automate, review and report with ease.

What do you need to make your project a success? Streamlined, efficient processes – from start to finish. But when you’re dealing with complexity every day, across multiple companies and project participants, getting there can be tough.

With Aconex, everyone collaborates on a single, neutral platform, putting good process management within reach. It benefits every organization on the project. Decisions can be made quickly. Bottlenecks are identified and can be dealt with easily.

Workflow Management to drive reviews and approvals

Workflow management software

Use the flexible Workflows engine to drive processes across participants and companies. Speed up review and approval of RFIs, variations, change orders, and document packages, with automated processes and real-time status reports.
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Bids & Tenders without the headaches

Bid and tender management

Aconex provides a secure, central, electronic platform to manage your bidding (tender) activity. Developed with industry input and experience, it is intuitive to use, for both bid managers and recipients.
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Field transforms the inspection process

Construction Field Management Software

In the field, inspections are still often managed with inefficient tools like paper and spreadsheets, leading to errors and wasted time. Aconex Field is a mobile and web-based application that significantly cuts the time spent on inspections and administration. Put an end to lost time in the field, and start working in Field Time.
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Aconex Smart Manuals take the stress out of handover

Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Aconex automates production of Operations & Maintenance Manuals at the end of your project. No more frustrating, last-minute rush for the contractor. No more delayed, incomplete and hard-to-navigate documentation for the owner. Just high quality, graphically-referenced, digital O&M Manuals.
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Interface Management

Interface management

Aconex Interface Management is specifically designed for multi-party information management. With Aconex, you can set up and manage interface relationships with ease, establish efficient workflows for approvals and powerful reporting on exceptions or delays.
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Vendor Documents: control at last

Vendor document management

Reduce effort and improve transparency in managing vendor data through smart use of automation. Visualize progress of information packages, regulate submission of documentation, and increase speed of approvals and processing.
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Impressed? Discover more. Aconex solves document management and communication management challenges, too. Take a look at how Oger Abu Dhabi improved review times.