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Assemble O&M manuals with ease

As your construction or engineering project nears completion, you need to prepare for asset handover. Too often, O&M manuals are treated as an afterthought, creating additional cost and risk at a critical time in the project. With Aconex Smart Manuals, you can progressively collate O&M manual documentation during the planning and build phases of the project—making both the handover and ongoing maintenance easier on the developer, asset owner and facility manager.

A better, paperless way to hand over projects

Click on an asset as it appears on a floor plan to bring up the relevant O&M information.

O&M, without the pain

Collect and organize O&M information as an asset is being built.

Ready on time

Because Aconex Smart Manuals are created as part of a project's regular workflows, they are ready when the project is completed.

Always up to date

Aconex Smart Manuals can be revised with just a click or two so they stay current throughout the lifecycle of an asset.

Virtually indestructible

Unlike paper manuals that are easily lost or damaged, digital O&M manuals are delivered on easily secured digital media.

Assemble manuals more efficiently

Review and approve submitted O&M information using customizable workflows.

A team effort

Organize your project team to begin pulling together O&M information early on. Use automated workflows to do the heavy lifting.

Standardize submissions

Improve the quality of your manuals by requiring subcontractors to follow a standard format with they submit their documents.

Control reviews and approvals

Build workflows to automate the review and approval process with a simple drag-and-drop tool.

Easily monitor progress

Graphical reporting lets you check the status of your manuals at a glance.

O&M manuals at your fingertips

Mobile access to O&M manuals means you can bring up information when and where you need it.

Powerful search

Find information on any asset in your project fast whether you're on-site or in the office.

Click to navigate

Drill down from plan to schematic simply by clicking your mouse or swiping your finger.

Smart shortcuts

Save your searches and use other shortcuts to keep your place as you are working.

Always available

Say goodbye to bulk paper binders and computer discs. Enjoy simple, immediate access to digital information on your PC or Windows tablet.

Aconex project highlights

Residential & Commercial

US$400 million
Saigon Pearl residential and commercial development in Vietnam

Saigon Pearl

Aconex supports visibility, accountability and risk mitigation by securely storing and tracking project data.

Vo Van Be
Deputy General Director (Vietnam Land SSG)

Road & Rail

US$5 billion
Denver RTD – largest voter-approved transit system expansion in the U.S.

RTD FasTracks and Capital Programs

Cooperation requires collaboration, and Aconex provides us with that.

Lisa Vallejo-Dorrance
RTD FasTracks/Capital Programs Document Control Manager