Operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals

Your project is nearing completion, and everyone feels the pressure to finish up on time and in line with contractual requirements. As a contractor, you need to collect payment and move on to the next project. As a client, you need to get up and running without a hitch. But all too often, the handover process is messy, incomplete and late. Everybody is faced with delays, added cost and increased risk.

Introducing Aconex Smart Manuals

Aconex Smart Manuals aligns project information management from construction through operation and maintenance of the ‘as built’ asset. Information flows from the very beginning of the project right through the plan-build-operate lifecycle.

Customers choose Aconex Smart Manuals to:

  • Capture handover information completely and accurately - as work is completed, not at the end
  • Review the information and track progress efficiently - detect and resolve issues early
  • Deliver your O&M manual digitally - it's fast and safe, and printing is optional
  • Retrieve O&M information easily - on site or remotely, for efficient facility information management
  • Store the information securely - so that it can’t be altered or deleted.

Capture handover information completely and accurately

With Aconex Smart Manuals, you can progressively collate operation and maintenance (O&M) documentation as subcontractors complete their work, rather than long afterward. One good option is to securely and efficiently assemble handover information on the Aconex platform, with its complete audit trail. 

You can track and report on the progress of each manual, supplier document compliance requirement, with real-time graphical reporting.

Review handover information and track progress efficiently

Workflows are automated for efficient review and approval – saving time, putting you in control. Complete visibility of progress ensures you’ll be able to spot bottlenecks early and take action fast.

Easily deliver and deploy O&M manuals

The seamless transition of O&M data (including metadata) to digital manuals ensures information at handover is complete, securely stored and fully accessible. Graphical navigation makes finding ’as built’ information as easy as clicking on a specific asset on a map or drawing. Or, you can do an intuitive search across all asset information.

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