No more counting pennies – or license fees.

Say goodbye to keeping track of user licenses, monitoring training costs, factoring in expensive updates and all the other headaches caused by installed software solutions.

If you want your project to succeed, avoid a solution where every organization has to pay these costs - they're the kiss of death for collaboration. With Aconex, you’re quoted upfront with a single, project-based fee. From the start, you can bank on:

  • One agreed price: It’s the budget certainty you need (with flexible payment options, too)
  • Unlimited users: Add as many as you want, from any participating organization, at any stage of the project – at no additional charge
  • Unlimited data: Upload, store and share as much as your project needs – including large BIM models – at no additional charge
  • Unlimited support: Training, online support and a 24/7 Helpdesk for whoever, and whenever. And, yes, there’s no additional charge.

All you’ll need is online access. And because we know what your world can be like, fast implementation is our reality.

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