Online project collaboration and document management with Aconex.

In construction and engineering, Aconex is the world’s most trusted online collaboration platform. Using Aconex for your project means all documents, communication and business processes can be managed in one agreed and consistent way. This short video explains how:

Document management

Document management software

Manage the flow of drawings, BIM and 3D models, contracts, reports, schedules and other documentation, securely and efficiently, between all project participants. With Aconex, you have one secure, central platform to:

  • Upload and distribute files - any size, anywhere
  • Manage revision control
  • Retrieve and view any type of document or drawing

Project communication

Project communication

Together, your correspondence and documents tell the story of what’s happening on your project. With Aconex, these are tightly integrated: you don’t end up with correspondence in one place and documents in another. With Aconex, you can:

  • Retrieve project mail in seconds
  • Track progress in real time
  • Rely on an iron-clad audit trail, since nothing is deleted.

Process management

Online project management

Because all participants use one system, project-wide process management is within reach. Aconex manages standard industry processes around RFIs, bids and tenders, and management of vendor data and cost information. Plus:

  • Set up workflows in minutes
  • Cut precious time from review cycles
  • Generate project-wide reports to identify bottlenecks.

Choose Aconex and you’ll be in excellent company. Take a deeper look – see the rich functionality and read more about the business benefits