Antapaccay Copper Mine

The $1.47 billion Antapaccay copper mining project is a major long-life, low cost brownfield expansion to the Tintaya copper mine in southern Peru. Located approximately 10 kilometers from the Tintaya open pit mine, development of the Antapaccay deposit will increase annual copper in concentrate production from Tintaya by 60% to an average of 160,000 tons for the first six years and transform the mine into a long life business with at least 20 years of operations.

The ore will be processed in a new 70,000 ton a day concentrator facility and the concentrate will be transported by truck to Matarani Port for shipment to worldwide customers. More than 3,000 people will be involved in the mine’s construction, almost 30% of whom are tradepersons of the local community.

“One of the key things we liked about Aconex was that fact that [we] only took 2 weeks to set up the project. We had Aconex running and in place within that time...and it was pretty easy to get around…giving basic instruction to people you can get into the system and start working.” - Pablo Diaz, Xstrata Project Administration Superintendent

How Aconex helped

Pablo Diaz, Xstrata Project Administration Superintendent, said: “One of the key challenges for a project of this size is that we needed to deliver 2 gigabytes of information to Australia, United States, Argentina, Peru, and Chile. We uploaded it to Aconex, and finished the review with no delays.”

“The confidence of downloading the document and knowing it’s the latest version will reduce risk. So when we have our…engineers print the document and do a revision, we know if they downloaded it from Aconex they have the latest version. So that’s pretty much reducing risk.”

“If we thought about using a software, for example, to replace Aconex, we should probably pay a fee for any license we need to buy…we don’t pay extra money for [new] people getting into the project. So that’s a very big savings. If we think about [the] hardware or software we would need to run a similar process, [we would need to] invest a lot of money. So that’s a clear savings.”

Commenting on the unique Aconex commercial model that does away with project-unfriendly user-based pricing, Document Controller and Information Manager Tomas Perez added: “From the beginning, it’s been a very easy tool to give information to our contractors. In relation to costs, I´m speechless. The fact that Aconex is free to use is a major saving.”

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Pablo Diaz, Project Administration Superintendent Tomas Perez, Document Controller and Information Manager


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