Punch list and building inspection checklist app

Manage on-site inspections on one system, including ad hoc and structured inspections with fully customizable checklist templates to manage non-conformance issues.

Aconex Field is a cloud-based checklist and punch list app that transforms the building inspection process. It captures, distributes and tracks defects and other issues in real time. And it does this faster and more accurately than traditional systems used to manage issues on construction and engineering projects.

Faster, more accurate building inspections

Record an issue, take a photo, mark it up. Simple but clear issue capture means less errors.

Mobile + Cloud

Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android mean inspectors can make the most of their time on-site. Keep working even when offline – the system automatically syncs when a connection is found.

Increased inspection efficiency

Double your inspectors’ productivity by providing them with the information they need in an easy-to-use mobile app.

Rapid issue resolution

Capture, distribute and fix defects and other issues faster and more accurately than using traditional methods. Attach photos to show exactly what needs to be fixed.

A mistake-proof process

Electronic building inspection checklists and punch lists ensure no issue is overlooked and no errors are introduced by duplicative manual input.

A better inspection and issue management process

Subcontractors are updated in real time as soon as an issue is assigned to them.

Finish inspections in half the time

Capture a defect and assign it from your mobile device. Distribute defect lists instantly. With punch list apps, you can say goodbye to spreadsheets and double data entry.

Coordinate issues project-wide

All project participants including the owner, consultants, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers can inspect and rectify issues, and conduct checklist based inspections in real time.

More efficient commissioning

Bring equipment online in hours — and whole facilities in just days—by eliminating repetitive, manual processes.

Simplified safety management

All safety-related information, including on-site issues and certification, is located in one place and available from your mobile device.

One platform for projects, punch lists and checklists

Distribute lists via Aconex and be confident that what you sent was definitely received.

Track progress

See at a glance what has been completed, what is outstanding, and which trades are falling behind. Non-conforming checklist items are managed with Field’s issue workflow, so nothing gets lost or overlooked.

Integrated mail

Sending punch lists and building inspection checklists over Aconex ensures they’ll be instantly received by a subcontractor.

Live worklists

Interested parties can get real-time updates on inspection status and ownership of issue resolution.

A complete audit trail

All interactions on Aconex are recorded and cannot be deleted, so there is never any question about what was requested or agreed upon, or when a message was received.

Aconex project highlights

Health & Education

US$390 million
New research center at the University of Montréal

University of Montreal Hospital

Aconex allows our team to focus less on managing information and more on delivering the project.

Eric Lessard
Director of IT, Pomerleau

Residential & Commercial

Restaurant upgrade in Eastern Canada

Restaurant upgrade program

I knew that the system was easy to use and the client service was excellent.

Alain Bertrand
Senior Project Manager