Like many of our clients, you may already use SharePoint ® as an enterprise information portal. So where does Aconex fit in? Why would you consider having Aconex when you already have SharePoint ®? Here’s why.

Collaboration takes many forms, and so do collaboration tools. SharePoint ® is hugely successful as an enterprise collaboration tool, in the same way that Aconex is a market leader in multiparty project collaboration. Used together, each doing what it is designed to do, Aconex and SharePoint ® form a powerful collaboration solution for construction and engineering projects.

“But why wouldn’t I just use SharePoint ®?”. Glad you asked. To make multi-party collaboration a success on a construction or engineering project, you need industry specific functionality, and a platform that is trusted by all parties and supports all users, wherever they are and whenever they need help. That’s not the business you are in. But it is ours. 

So what do you need?

  • People: A platform designed to maximize adoption and use by your project partners, so that you have more users, more information captured and more value from your investment.
  • Tools & functionality: Powerful and easy-to-use document, communications and process management tools, that reflect standard industry practices. And that work right out of the box.
  • Systems: A trusted and scalable third party system, so you are never held responsible for what happens to other people’s information on your servers. No limits on users, usage or storage.
  • Support: Unlimited, 24x7, expert support worldwide – including training, implementation and helpdesk – is essential to system uptake throughout your project.

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