Connected BIM, for better delivery

Aconex simplifies multidimensional model management – connecting teams, models and project data on a single online collaboration platform. Connect processes and information to your models as projects progress, from design coordination to on-site issue management. Enjoy the full benefits of BIM project delivery including a complete audit trail and a single, fully connected dataset at handover and into operation. Aconex provides a true Common Data Environment for coordinating and collaborating around information across project teams, realizing the full potential of BIM.

Manage work in progress with Connected BIM

Access your project’s BIM models anywhere/anytime from your iPad or Android tablet.

Publish models in a single click

Model authors continue working from their preferred software, publishing new versions to Aconex via plug-ins for design coordination and federated model views.

Manage design coordination flows

Publish, assign to disciplines and track progress of clashes, including a full record of correspondence around each issue.

Client engagement in virtual build

Clients can review and approve non-verified designs using just a web browser or mobile tablet, from wherever they are.

Project-wide BIM Access

Link documents or correspondence to objects, all accessible within the model.

Project-wide access to client-verified data

Access to BIM data, including the graphical model, non-graphical data and any linked documentation, means everyone benefits from BIM management

Communicate within the context of the model

Raise an RFI or design query from within the model, directing the recipient to the exact issue location for full context and quick resolution. Open formats like BCF and IFC mean smooth interoperability between specialized design software and the common data environment.

Access BIM in the field

Improve communication and understanding on-site by providing BIM access anywhere/anytime. Connected BIM Mobile is available on iPad and Android tablets.

Powerful asset information management

Mark-up a model and attach it to an RFI, all within the BIM module.

BIM for handover

Provide owners with a single, complete data set that is fully connected to the as-built models – an updatable asset information model that can be relied upon for operations and maintenance.

Interoperability with other systems

Aconex is a true Common Data Environment built on Open BIM standards, allowing for data interoperability through formats such as IFC, BCF and COBie.

Proven to support global business

Aconex is a trusted partner of many of the world’s largest and most demanding enterprises. Our rigorous data security measures, unlimited customer support model and ease of use make Aconex the world’s #1 online collaboration platform.

Aconex project highlights

Road & Rail

US$22.5 million

Hines Bayside Waterfront Toronto

Aconex has definitely helped us stay on schedule and within budget
Mark Potter, Construction Manager


US$470 million

Apex Clean Energy, Inc.

Our project teams can find what they need quickly and easily.

Joseph Sikorski
Project Controls Manager