How E&C is leveraging the power of project controls to tackle giga projects

Krista Lambert AconexImagine trying to explain modern E&C technology, materials, and resources available in the industry today to a construction worker from a century ago.

Their jaw might drop at today’s technical solutions: “You mean, you can store project information in the sky??”

Today’s technological advancements have empowered us to maximize our productivity compared to how we managed projects one hundred years ago. A megaproject (valued at US $1B or below) may have seemed daunting in the past, but we’re quickly adapting to a new normal. The giga project (valued at US $1B or more) encompasses even greater complexity, capital expenditures, and risk.

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Four ways an EPC leverages BIM to power Sudan

Enprode-BIMEnprode, a global engineering, construction and procurement (EPC) company specializing in combined-cycle power and gas plants, recently leveraged Aconex Connected BIM to advance an open cycle (soon to be combined-cycle) gas turbine power plant (Garri 3 and Port Sudan Project) in Sudan. Headquartered in Turkey, Enprode conducts business with major energy centers across the globe, spanning from South America to the Middle East.

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Optimizing performance and increasing productivity: Lessons from manufacturing

E-C-industry-performanceLagging productivity within the construction industry is nothing new.

For the past several decades, manufacturing has led the way by adopting technology and digitizing work processes to increase productivity. Meanwhile, over the past twenty years, the global average value added per hour in the E&C industry has grown roughly a quarter of the rate of manufacturing.

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Construction’s seismic shift: How project controls reduces risk and drives financial rigor on the world’s largest projects

Guy Barlow Interview with Construction GlobalI recently traveled to Europe and the Middle East to build awareness around our project controls solution, Connected Cost, which launched earlier this year.

I had the pleasure of meeting with several customers, as well as reporters from leading E&C publications. I also presented at the Project Controls Expo in London and spoke on a panel in Dubai about project controls trends and the massive opportunities in the region. Phew!

Here’s what’s exciting: these markets want to improve the way they’re currently managing, reporting, and ultimately delivering projects.

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