The Case for Open BIM Standards

Open-BIM-Standards-formatBuilding Information Modeling has brought the construction industry firmly into the digital realm.

The ability to create a 3D representation of a project that can be shared among all stakeholders – from engineers to owners to subcontractors – is driving fewer mistakes, lower costs, more informed decision-making, and faster project completion.

Little wonder then why BIM is becoming a requirement for large-scale construction and engineering projects across the globe.

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2017 Aconex Connect Awards

2017-Aconex-Connect-AwardsIt’s that time of year again! We’re excited to be ramping up for the 2017 Aconex Connect Awards to recognize construction industry innovators around the world. The Aconex Connect Awards celebrate the hard work, innovation and success of our customers.

The winners of the Aconex Connect Awards have realized cost savings, efficiency gains and powerful process improvements. These companies are ahead of the curve in the digital evolution of the construction industry,” said Chris Dobbyn, senior vice president of the Americas and corporate development.

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Laying Foundations in the Oil and Gas Industry for Effective Project Oversight

Oil and gas software blogAs anyone who works in the oil and gas industries knows, major capital projects in the energy sector are exceedingly complex undertakings. Developing a refinery, oil field, or gas plant usually involves dozens of parties across multiple countries.

A survey of 100 projects by Aconex found that most involve more than 500 participants from 29 organizations. On average, these users exchange more than 300,000 documents and 400,000 pieces of correspondence; all told, in excess of 1.2 million decisions must be made before each project is complete.

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OBOR: Alternative Project Funding and Delivery Methods

One Belt One Road Funding and DeliveryIn 2013, China unveiled its vision for One Belt, One Road (OBOR), signaling its intent to fund high-profile transportation infrastructure projects to spur economic development and promote trade.

By 2015, the government had announced 1,043 projects totaling $318 billion in value and promised to streamline approvals and offer tax breaks for public-private partnerships (PPPs or P3s) in public services.

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How To Keep Construction Project Variations Under Control

Variation Control in Construction ProjectsVariation might be the spice of life, but it can be the death of a complex construction project operating on tight margins.

No matter how methodically you’ve planned a project and how carefully you’ve spec’d out materials and labor costs, change will inevitably occur. Change or variation orders are where a lot of highly complex construction projects bog down.

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