The pathway to success: Standardization in the E&C industry

e-c-industry-Standardization_GICManufacturing and process driven industries, such as oil and gas, have been standardizing their processes for years. On the flip side, the construction industry has historically struggled to develop and implement standardization given the sheer variety of their projects.

For example, John Holland, one of Australia’s leading engineering contractors, has managed projects ranging from a children’s hospital, to a prison, to a regional rail link. That’s a considerable array of projects for a construction company to grapple with.

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Six ways to boost your digital ecosystem and streamline project performance

In last week’s post, we highlighted the five keys to unlocking engineering and construction digital transformation to radically improve productivity within the industry.

This week, we’ll explore a common emerging technological challenge many organizations face: integrating your ecosystem.

The digital ecosystem in the E&C industry

The digital ecosystem is a pivotal component to technological change. Organizations resistant to modernizing their technology risk losing their competitive edge to more disruptive, contemporary, and innovative companies. The engineering and construction (E&C) ecosystem is particularly complex—extending beyond a single organization and permeating across the entire supply chain. But what happens if there are so many interconnected pieces of software, hardware, and applications a company is unable to create a streamlined ecosystem?

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Three technology trends shaping the future of design and construction in 2018

technology in constructionThe digital construction revolution is rapidly underway and will continue accelerating in 2018.

The engineering and construction (E&C) industry is embarking on a new era, with technology changing how companies design, plan, and execute projects. E&C spends $10 trillion on construction-related goods and services each year, and is “ripe for and capable of transformation.” (source)

Global E&C plans are unfolding daily, including creating new smart cities, LNG operations, national infrastructure programs, and even construction for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. According to a recent McKinsey report, adopting new technology could boost the industry’s value by an estimated $1.6 trillion, adding about 2 percent to the global economy.

So, what major E&C themes can we expect to unfold as we face the new year?

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Rising from the sands: massive investments power new economies in the Middle East

meed-middle-east-opportunityThe Middle East is an exciting region for anyone looking to tap into a growing market.

Saudi Arabia is investing US$500B in infrastructure, and Dubai is transforming into a financial hub and tourist destination. In fact, many other cities in the broader region are being built from the ground up. Traditional oil and gas industries still require massive funding, too.

So how can the E&C industry benefit from this surging Middle Eastern boom?

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Five steps to becoming a tech-savvy E&C company

engineering-constructon-technologyLast week we discussed how Aconex formed the Global Industry Council (GIC) to motivate industry laggards to boost their game. This week we’ll highlight how your organization can start to digitally transform.

The global engineering and construction (E&C) industry is overflowing with revenue potential. In fact, E&C is charted to become a $17.5 trillion business by the year 2030.

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