Middle East Construction Sector: Valuable Findings from a Project Controls Roundtable

Project-Controls-constructionAconex hosted on 11 May, in Dubai, a roundtable discussion with industry leaders from client bodies, consultancy firms and contractors to discuss the importance of project controls for the Middle East region’s ever challenging construction sector.

Background:  Lower oil prices impact Middle East private sector projects

Since late 2014 lower oil prices have put downward pressure on government budgets, which has constrained infrastructure spending across the region. At the same time, lower oil prices have meant the region’s oil exporters have less funds on deposit within the regional banking system which has constrained the level of liquidity available for private sector projects.

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Parsons Shares 3 Secrets to Speeding Review Cycles and Reducing Risk on Infrastructure Projects

Parsons-Aconex-construction-managementInfrastructure projects continue to grow in complexity. Huge infrastructure projects in particular often have large project teams spanning many organizations across the globe.

Studies show that larger projects are more likely to incur budget and schedule overruns and that those overruns are significant. The increased risk, reporting requirements and government regulations make information and process management critical for today’s infrastructure projects. With so many different organizations and so much risk involved, the question looms: how do we manage the vast amounts of data and communication on these large, complex global projects?

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4 Benefits of Automating Field & Safety Processes – Q&A with Burns & McDonnell

construction-onsite-inspection-managementFilling out paperwork and chasing it up. It’s the bane of most construction and engineering projects, especially when it comes to inspection management around health, safety, permits, hazard identification, and defects.

That’s why we built new ‘Forms’ functionality into Aconex Field – our cloud and mobile app for onsite inspection management.

The new capability allows companies to digitize any PDF form, making inspection data immediately available for reporting and analysis. To make it as user-friendly as possible, we worked with our existing customers to design a more efficient, simple and seamless solution.

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How Graham Construction Builders Reduced RFI Turnaround Time by 50%

Graham-Construction-Aconex-PartnershipConstruction projects continue to grow in size, complexity and competitiveness. Team sizes quickly expand as a project moves into the construction phase. Schedules are tight and project processes are time sensitive. And with the volume of project information, communication across all of the different organizations ramps up as well.

With all of these moving pieces, understanding process performance, optimization, and standardization are crucial to success.

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3 Ways to Accelerate Project Performance with the Latest Aconex Releases

aconex-construction-project-improvementsFor busy contractors, time is the enemy.

The secret is to work smarter, using a single platform to manage a portfolio of projects. Yet, according to KMPG’s 2016 Global Construction Survey, 73% of contractors can’t easily access real-time project data. Just one in five use a fully integrated project management information system. A third use multiple software platforms that must be manually integrated; one in ten uses nothing at all.

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