Your Top Five Facilities Management Challenges and How to Solve Them

Top-Five-Facilities-Management-ChallengesMaintaining a complex facility such as a hospital, hotel or shopping centre is a challenging role.

In contrast to commercial buildings, where changes are less frequent, facilities with high public traffic will experience upgrades frequently. As a result, the documents containing information about the facility are constantly changing.

As a facilities manager, you recognise that as more data points enter your facility, it’s harder to ensure that accurate asset maintenance records are kept.

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Insights from Analyzing Thousands of Construction Projects

construction-project-insightsOver the years Aconex has been used on thousands of projects around the globe.

During that time we have amassed an extensive database of project information. We recently delved into that data to identify trends and insights into project operations.

In this blog post, we focus specifically on the main contractors and share the fascinating insights we discovered from analyzing their projects.

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The State of Construction Project Management Software

contractor-guide-construction-software-1We live in a time of both great opportunity and great risk for the construction industry.

In a recent Aconex survey conducted in August 2016, we learned that organizations face three key challenges:

  1. Establishing a single source of truth – a reliable source of information all project partners can draw from.
  2. Finding a flexible solution – integrated technology for an organizations’ day-to-day processes.
  3. Standardizing portfolio management and reporting – applying standardized processes and measuring performance across a portfolio of projects.

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Managing the Culture Shift: Paving the Way for BIM Implementation and Management

bim-implementation-managementIn a previous post, “Big Incentive for Change in the Construction Industry”, we highlighted the low level of R&D investment – typically less than 1% of revenues – current within the construction industry. Analysts agree that growth and innovation within the sector requires the development and deployment of digital technologies. Chief among these is BIM, or building information modeling.

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Resource Asset Operators: Information Management and Collaboration for Operational Integrity

resource-asset-managementAs anyone working in the resources sector knows, managing a major asset such as an FPSO, gas plant, or refinery and petrochemical complex is not easy, nor is it inexpensive. At any stage of the asset’s life there are numerous contractors and companies involved and countless engineering designs, drawings, documents, and updates to keep track of.

When a simple slip-up occurs – like a maintenance record or an as-built not being up to date – the consequences can be huge. Because the daily running cost of these assets is so high, any maintenance shutdown – whether planned or unplanned – can cost the operators dearly.

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