How To Keep Construction Project Variations Under Control

Variation Control in Construction ProjectsVariation might be the spice of life, but it can be the death of a complex construction project operating on tight margins.

No matter how methodically you’ve planned a project and how carefully you’ve spec’d out materials and labor costs, change will inevitably occur. Change or variation orders are where a lot of highly complex construction projects bog down.

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Top 3 Contractor Technology Challenges Hindering Project Performance

challenges on construction projectsProject leaders have never felt so pressured to improve efficiency: margins keep shrinking, projects grow more complex, access to craftspeople is squeezed, and wage pressure mounts.

Many general contractors have turned to construction management technology to power processes and people, minimize project delays, and measure project performance with confidence. To deliver a project on time and under budget, project teams have to efficiently manage “the digital world” – all the information, communication, and actions that support the physical asset build.

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392km Pakistan Motorway Project to be delivered on Aconex

One Belt, One Road Pakistan MotorwayTo date, one of the most ambitious projects to be undertaken as part of China’s One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative is the 392km Motorway project in Pakistan.

Launched by the NHA (National Highway Authority) of Pakistan and funded by the Chinese government, this project is intended to rapidly expand and upgrade Pakistan’s infrastructure, as well as deepen and broaden economic ties between Pakistan and China. This massive $1.3 USD billion project is divided into seven sections, and each section will be delivered as an independent project to streamline management, maximize efficiency and timeliness of delivery, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

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Construction Document Management and why it’s More Important than Ever in Australia

Construction Document Management AustrailiaWith the construction industry in Australia booming, and the government planning to invest more than AU$50 billion dollars in infrastructure projects over the next 10 years, there has never been a better time to grow your construction business.

But in order to do this, you need a document management system that can grow with you, and that allows you to collaborate with subcontractors and partners effectively and efficiently.

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Bloom’s Taxonomy, Applied Learning, and Knowledge Management

Bloom's TaxonomyThe Client Services department at Aconex has been talking a lot about Bloom’s taxonomy this year. I first learned this concept as a high school teacher. Basically, it’s a way of classifying the depth of knowledge a person has on a specific topic or, in our case, for a specific system.

As teachers, we used the levels of Bloom’s taxonomy to challenge our students and extend their knowledge beyond simply recalling facts, to forming opinions on those facts and making decisions based on them.

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