4 Ways an Aconex Consultant Can Deliver You Value

Aconex Industry ConsultantsIt’s no secret that Aconex is a big product, rich in features – an integrated, robust solution that allows you to manage information and processes company-wide and across entire projects. With so much available functionality, how can you have confidence that you’re leveraging the platform to its full extent? Whether you’re a new or experienced user, the Aconex team of consultants is committed to accelerating your success. To that end, here are four ways your Aconex consultant can help you get maximum value from using the platform.

1. Solution validation and evolution

Aconex is about delivering project insight and control to users that manage large amounts of documentation and who need to make real-time, data-driven decisions. Aconex consultants are adept at exploring a range of options and then piecing together a tailor-made solution specific to your requirements. However, we also recognize that success lies in implementing dynamic solutions that evolve as requirements change. So, it’s important to regularly communicate with your consultant about shifting requirements and to perform periodic “tune-ups” to ensure that Aconex is meeting your needs on all fronts – from security to performance to project management, reporting and beyond.

2. Process engineering

Having delivered more successful projects than any other platform, we’re keenly aware of the importance of developing rock-solid processes to improve and streamline project management. Aconex consultants routinely run hands-on process review sessions. In advance of these, customers are asked to identify one or two processes to be reviewed in detail. Examples include document management and approval processes. The goal is to bring together the people responsible for an open dialogue about what’s working, what’s not and how these processes could be tweaked and documented to improve efficiency. Aconex consultants bring to the table insight into best practices used by industry leaders, knowledge of emerging trends and a wealth of process engineering experience. After the session, your consultant will present recommendations on how to improve your processes using existing Aconex features, for example through expanded use of reporting.

3. Review of current usage and new functionality

We’re not just trying to create a small community of super users. One of our primary goals is widespread usage – ensuring all project participants have access to the data they need. In support of this, Aconex consultants can assess adoption of the platform within your organization and can discuss product enhancements that might be of interest. They can offer tips or recommend improvements at no extra cost, to help optimize your experience. If you are relatively new to Aconex, we encourage you to take time before meeting with your consultant to view the Live Fundamentals Webinar and review the self-paced, on-demand ACA learning modules.

4. Handover

Call it what you will: Handover, end of project delivery or O&M manual. It’s a mandated delivery at the end of a project. In most cases it’s manually assembled and distributed which is slow and inefficient. Not to mention the risk without an audit trail or revision tracking… There is a better way to manage the handover process with Aconex. Our consultants help with this process and deliver manuals in three formats – digital, smart or dynamic.

If you’re a current Aconex customer, please contact your local Aconex consultant for more information or to schedule an account review session.

If you’re not yet using Aconex on your projects, contact us for a demo.

Sheryl England

Sheryl England

Regional Operations Manager, ANZ at Aconex
Sheryl England is the Regional Operations Manager for Australia / New Zealand at Aconex, the world's leading collaborative construction and engineering management software.
Sheryl England