3 Ways to Accelerate Project Performance with the Latest Aconex Releases

aconex-construction-project-improvementsFor busy contractors, time is the enemy.

The secret is to work smarter, using a single platform to manage a portfolio of projects. Yet, according to KMPG’s 2016 Global Construction Survey, 73% of contractors can’t easily access real-time project data. Just one in five use a fully integrated project management information system. A third use multiple software platforms that must be manually integrated; one in ten uses nothing at all.

A single, integrated platform like Aconex allows you to standardize processes across all your projects, gaining efficiencies with each new venture. Built for the industry but easily and securely configurable where required, it gives you real-time actionable information on the status of every RFI, change order, or defect, helping you intelligently manage your project portfolio. And with the release of three new solutions — Field Forms, Issues and Inspections Dashboards, and Mail Distribution Rules — Aconex is even more powerful for contractors big and small.

Drive project site productivity with Field Forms

Even if your back office is running like a well-oiled machine, your work on the job site is usually another story. Relying on disconnected or manual systems to manage processes including punch list inspections, safety walks or quality audits is slow and fraught with errors, duplications, and incomplete records that are nearly impossible to audit.

That’s why Aconex has introduced Field Forms, part of the Field web and mobile application that lets you capture, manage, and track field inspections in real time, cutting inspection turnaround times by as much as 50 percent.

Field Forms takes a paperless approach to inspections, allowing you to access and complete any existing form on your mobile device. The mobile form’s layout is configurable to match any paper one, but the captured data is centrally stored, immediately available for those that need to take action.

Checklist-based inspections become painless; simply follow the prompts and work your way through the checklist. The app saves your responses as you enter them, and you can log issues for follow-up as you go, ensuring that defects are fixed quickly and nothing gets overlooked.

Issue management is equally simple. Just open a new report and tap on predefined fields for the location of the issue and who’s been assigned to fix it. Enter a brief description, snap a photo, then mark up the picture on the touchscreen. When you save the report it’s immediately uploaded to the Web, available to the rest of the project team.

From the Web application, you can see which issues are open, ready to inspect, or in dispute, then dispatch subcontractors to handle them. When your subs are finished, they can update the inspection record from their phones.

You now have one standard way to track and report on all field inspections, without the dangers that come with using multiple systems, spreadsheets, or paper and clipboards.

Streamline project communication with Mail Distribution Rules

Construction processes rely on communication. Everyone needs to be on the same page at the same time. And when questions arise, you need answers fast.

But finding the appropriate person can be time consuming and error prone. The right people can get left out of the loop. Information gets lost, mistakes are made, decisions delayed.

Mail Distribution Rules makes sure the right people are getting the right information at the right time. Before any issues arise, you can determine who should be copied or forwarded on each piece of correspondence based on the process (e.g. RFI, Change Order, Variation etc.), the type of mail, the recipients, their job functions, the groups they belong to, and so on.

Creating new rules is a simple process using pull-down menus. You can customize a new set of rules, configured as required, in under a minute.

With distribution rules in place, complicated communication processes are automated, providing control and helping maintain consistency. You will never forget to cc your project manager or forward replies to your client. As a bonus, you can expect much higher response rates and faster turnaround on replies.

Keep your projects on track with Insight Dashboards

construction-management-insights-dashboardThe Insights dashboards give you all the essential information for your projects and processes at a glance — from how many change requests have been completed to whose submittals are overdue. The latest version of the platform adds to the existing dashboards with two new dashboards that relate directly to Aconex Field: issues-and inspection-based processes.

The issues-based dashboard shows you the total raised by type, those that have been completed, and how many items are still open on your punch list. The Inspections dashboard displays the number of inspections, safety walks, or relevant audits that are in progress or completed. Together, you can quickly visualize which defect, quality, and health & safety issues are still outstanding. You can then drill down into where the outstanding issues are, who’s been assigned to address them, and what progress they’ve made. Click on a property or issue, and it opens in the Field Forms module.

These two new dashboards give you total visibility into field inspection processes, allowing you to anticipate bottlenecks, make smarter decisions about where to apply your resources, and identify your top performing teams.

One tool to manage all your field inspections. One way to visualize every process for every project. One set of rules to ensure that the right people are always in the loop.

Whether you’re in the field or in the office, working side by side with colleagues or on a different continent, Aconex keeps you connected and performing at your peak.

Watch this 3-minute video to see why 17,000 commercial construction projects have chosen Aconex – the global leader in construction management software – to drive performance across their processes, projects, and business.

Chris Dobbyn

Chris Dobbyn

Senior Vice President at Aconex
Chris Dobbyn is a Senior Vice President at Aconex,the world's leading collaborative construction and engineering management software.
Chris Dobbyn