Aconex Meets Box: The #1 Construction Ecosystem Expands with the Leading Cloud Content Provider

According to a recent McKinsey study, construction technology companies have developed hundreds of tools to leverage across the project lifecycle, ranging from design management to scheduling to safety monitoring.

However, a large percentage of the E&C industry are wasting days – even weeks – painstakingly consolidating manual data across countless applications and tools including: finances, scheduling, ERP, drones, site-cams, geo-location, etc. Because construction technology is growing so rapidly, E&C companies who don’t invest in the right tools will simply be left behind.

Technology laggards shouldn’t be left in the dust. That’s why we’re tackling this digital collaboration gap and building an open construction technology ecosystem, called the Aconex Ecosystem. Once connected to our ecosystem, users can automate the otherwise manual consolidation of system data on Aconex, enabling them to spend more time managing their projects.

To date, the Aconex Ecosystem consists of 26 partnerships and connectors. Today, we’re proud to announce our recent connection with Box – the leading enterprise cloud content management provider – to streamline data connectivity between the two platforms. With just a few clicks, users can now securely move drawings, documents, photos, and other project information from Box onto Aconex.

Chris Dobbyn, SVP of Americas at Aconex said, “As an open platform, we’re constantly looking for opportunities to expand our ecosystem and connect our users directly to other powerful technologies like Box. This connectivity enables users to save time and work more efficiently while managing construction and engineering projects.”

“Organizations across all sectors need quick, easy, and secure access to information to do their best work,” said Niall Wall, SVP of Business Development & Emerging Businesses at Box. “The construction industry is modernizing at a phenomenal rate and increasingly demands smarter ways to collaborate. We’re thrilled to provide enterprise-grade cloud content management so Aconex customers can achieve their goals.”

Read here for more information about the Aconex Ecosystem. Customers interested in the Aconex-Box connector can access the Service Desk for more information.

Jeremy Gaedtke

Jeremy Gaedtke

Product Marketing Manager at Aconex
Jeremy Gaedtke is a Product Marketing Manager at Aconex, the world's leading collaborative construction and engineering management software.
Jeremy Gaedtke