Need Aconex? Love Outlook?

Aconex for OutlookThe best run projects use Aconex Mail to manage risk and track all their project communications. The benefits over standard email are substantial, including easy tracking of status, visibility for the project team and a rock-solid audit trail.

While most project teams recognize this and use Aconex Mail as their project communication management tool, there is a still a small subset of users on any given project who use Aconex intermittently. These people tend to manage their project correspondence in Microsoft® Outlook because it is more familiar to them. Unfortunately, this increases the risk of data being lost when transferred outside of Aconex Mail, compromising audit trails for critical project decisions.

That is where Aconex for Outlook steps in. It is a plugin for Outlook that allows these users to view and create Aconex Mail from within their familiar working environment. Reading all your Aconex Mail is just like reading email in Outlook. And replying to or creating new Aconex Mail is as simple as creating a new email. The difference is that, behind the scenes, these “Outlook emails” are all Aconex Mails, supercharged with features including a choice of projects, forms, response actions and access to the Aconex network. Aconex for Outlook allows users to maintain the integrity of their project record without leaving Outlook.

So, what exactly does Aconex for Outlook allow you to do? First off, users can raise RFIs and respond to variation claims in Outlook, eliminating the need for a browser. Another benefit is that Aconex for Outlook allows email to be drafted offline and later automatically synced when connected. This was one advantage Outlook had over Aconex Mail. Aconex for Outlook also allows you to capture more “informal” correspondence, which is often exchanged via Outlook before a formal project exists in Aconex.

In addition, users can register project correspondence in Aconex through Outlook, maintaining full meta-data, which ensures all information will be captured and sortable in the project archive. The ‘Register Incoming Mail’ feature in Aconex works well for a handful of uploads, but many users prefer Aconex for Outlook where significant amounts of correspondence are involved.

Aconex for Outlook is targeted to all vertical market segments we serve. Currently, the plugin is available in English only.

If you’re a current Aconex customer, please contact your local Aconex consultant for more information.

If you’re not yet using Aconex on your projects, contact us for a demo.

Jeremy Gaedtke

Jeremy Gaedtke

Product Marketing Manager at Aconex
Jeremy Gaedtke is a Product Marketing Manager at Aconex, the world's leading collaborative construction and engineering management software.
Jeremy Gaedtke