Aconex wins award for aligning sales and marketing

One of the challenges in a fast-growing business is to get everyone aligned around a common purpose. For Aconex, that  purpose is to transform the way our customers manage their construction and engineering projects. Getting there can involve explaining the value of online project collaboration, communicating what’s different about the Aconex approach and, of course,  understanding the needs of a client and mapping what we offer to those needs. Doing that well, so that the buyer has a positive and useful experience,  takes some thought and effort.

So we’re excited to have been named this week as one of ten winners in the DemandGen Report 2011 Sales & Marketing Alignment Awards.

On one level, it’s recognition of the work our sales and marketing people do to create awareness of our solution, generate demand, and then engage with prospects to bring them over the line. (Much of what we do in that area is with the support of the team at Marketo, whose marketing automation platform, processes and ideas we are big fans of!).

On another level, though, the most exciting thing about winning a DemandGen award is that that it points to the growing demand we’re seeing, in the US and other markets, for online project collaboration. Marketing tools and sales strategies can only be effective if prospects are researching and buying. Although many markets are still climbing back from the lows of the past three years, we’re seeing signs that the leading owners, project managers and contractors are doing just that.

Frank Carron

Frank Carron

VP Marketing at Aconex
Frank Carron is the VP Marketing for Aconex, the world's leading collaborative construction and engineering management software.
Frank Carron