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Ed Boxall

Regional Sales Manager at Aconex
Ed Boxall is a Regional Sales Manager at Aconex, the world's leading collaborative construction management software.
Ed Boxall

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Common Data Environment (CDE): What you need to know for starters

Understanding a Common Data Environment - CDEThis is an introduction to the world of Common Data Environment (CDE) requirements as defined in the PAS1192 and BS1192 documentation. These documents outline what organisations working in the construction and engineering industries need to do in order to reach a BIM Level 2 compliance on their projects. The aim is that all central government departments in the U.K. will adopt, as a minimum, collaborative Level 2 BIM by 2016. Why? The answer in its simplest form is that projects can be delivered in a far more efficient manner compared to projects following more traditional methods.

By building the asset in a virtual world under the ethos of BIM (Building Information Management), teams can reduce the cost of rework and poorly thought out or executed designs. A simple example of this would be the client, after reviewing the virtual asset, realises that he/she needs something different to what was originally proposed. A CDE provides a platform for these changes to be recorded, distributed and resolved at a lower cost, resulting in a more efficient delivery team and a happier client.

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