Henry Jones

Henry Jones

EVP International Growth at Aconex
Henry Jones is the Executive Vice President of International Growth at Aconex, the world's leading collaborative construction and engineering management software.
Henry Jones

E&C Mythbusters: Are we really that far behind in the digital transformation journey?

Henry Jones - Global Indusry CouncilDigital transformation is disrupting industries and global economies everywhere. E&C in particular is ripe for change, generating nearly $10 trillion in revenue, or about 6% of global GDP.

We’ve all heard how the Engineering and Construction (E&C) industry is one of the least digitalized; rated second-to-last after agriculture and hunting. However, is it true that all organizations within the E&C industry are lagging, or are some companies daring to innovate and digitalize?

Many of the world’s largest E&C influencers whom we work closely with are redefining the face of construction and global innovation by embracing technology. Their leadership will help establish a bold precedent of digital transformation for the rest of the industry to follow.

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