Jeremy Gaedtke

Jeremy Gaedtke

Product Marketing Manager at Aconex
Jeremy Gaedtke is a Product Marketing Manager at Aconex, the world's leading collaborative construction and engineering management software.
Jeremy Gaedtke

Aconex Meets Box: The #1 Construction Ecosystem Expands with the Leading Cloud Content Provider

According to a recent McKinsey study, construction technology companies have developed hundreds of tools to leverage across the project lifecycle, ranging from design management to scheduling to safety monitoring.

However, a large percentage of the E&C industry are wasting days – even weeks – painstakingly consolidating manual data across countless applications and tools including: finances, scheduling, ERP, drones, site-cams, geo-location, etc. Because construction technology is growing so rapidly, E&C companies who don’t invest in the right tools will simply be left behind.

Technology laggards shouldn’t be left in the dust. That’s why we’re tackling this digital collaboration gap and building an open construction technology ecosystem, called the Aconex Ecosystem. Once connected to our ecosystem, users can automate the otherwise manual consolidation of system data on Aconex, enabling them to spend more time managing their projects.

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Aconex and EarthCam Join Forces to Continue to Grow the #1 Construction Ecosystem

Aconex-EarthCamHow much time and effort is wasted manually consolidating information from countless systems across your projects?

Massive amounts of data are generated on projects, managed across a range of applications. By seamlessly consolidating this data in one central location automatically, there is serious potential to optimise project delivery.

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4 Benefits of Automating Field & Safety Processes – Q&A with Burns & McDonnell

construction-onsite-inspection-managementFilling out paperwork and chasing it up. It’s the bane of most construction and engineering projects, especially when it comes to inspection management around health, safety, permits, hazard identification, and defects.

That’s why we built new ‘Forms’ functionality into Aconex Field – our cloud and mobile app for onsite inspection management.

The new capability allows companies to digitize any PDF form, making inspection data immediately available for reporting and analysis. To make it as user-friendly as possible, we worked with our existing customers to design a more efficient, simple and seamless solution.

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The Case for Open BIM Standards

Open-BIM-Standards-formatBuilding Information Modeling has brought the construction industry firmly into the digital realm.

The ability to create a 3D representation of a project that can be shared among all stakeholders – from engineers to owners to subcontractors – is driving fewer mistakes, lower costs, more informed decision-making, and faster project completion.

Little wonder then why BIM is becoming a requirement for large-scale construction and engineering projects across the globe.

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Need Aconex? Love Outlook?

Aconex for OutlookThe best run projects use Aconex Mail to manage risk and track all their project communications. The benefits over standard email are substantial, including easy tracking of status, visibility for the project team and a rock-solid audit trail.

While most project teams recognize this and use Aconex Mail as their project communication management tool, there is a still a small subset of users on any given project who use Aconex intermittently. These people tend to manage their project correspondence in Microsoft® Outlook because it is more familiar to them. Unfortunately, this increases the risk of data being lost when transferred outside of Aconex Mail, compromising audit trails for critical project decisions.

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