Janet Poses

Janet Poses

Sr. Manager Global Industry Solutions at Oracle's Aconex
Janet Poses is a Sr. Manager Global Industry Solutions at Oracle's Aconex, a leading collaborative construction and engineering management software.
Janet Poses

Five signs your organization is ready for ERP-PM integration

E&C professionals discussing ERP-PM integration on the jobsite.Engineering and construction is a project-centric world— and ERP-PM integration is key.

Along these lines, E&C professionals frequently ask, “How can I tie my corporate ERP system together with my project management system(s) to avoid error-prone, time-consuming double entry?”

Few will dispute how the lack of integration is is a headache—including missing or inconsistent information and inefficient double entry— but taking the first step can feel daunting. Fortunately, the tools and expertise available today make ERP-PM integration faster, easier, and more complete.

How do you know if integration is right for you?

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AECOM and TAV Construction Share Proven Steps to Digital Success

AEC professional embracing digital success working on an iPad.As part of their Global Industry Council initiative, Oracle’s Aconex spoke with several industry experts about how organizations can move towards digital success and save $1 trillion by embracing digital transformation.

GIC members AECOM, Bechtel, Chiyoda Corporation, Fluor, Lendlease, and TAV Construction worked together to identify key challenges, outline solutions, and share examples of success.

In a recent webinar series, engineering and construction (E&C) leaders revealed how digital transformation can positively transform construction professionals’ day-to-day work.

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Six Steps to Megaproject Success

megaprojects_successRise above the 66% failure rate.

We hear about megaprojects every day—whether they’re airports, power plants, or highways.

According to the Oxford Handbook of Megaproject Management, “[M]egaprojects are large-scale, complex ventures that typically cost $1 billion or more, take several years to develop and build, involve multiple public and private stakeholders, are transformational, and impact millions of people.”

These mighty projects are the essential backbone to our infrastructure, but unfortunately, have very high failure rates.

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Modernize Project Controls or Suffer the Consequences

construction-industry-modernizationDon’t get hit by a bus!

The construction industry is rapidly transitioning from old-school legacy and ad-hoc tools to modern, forward-looking solutions. With this industry shift in mind, which would you prefer: getting the license plate of the bus that just hit you or being warned that a bus is coming toward you?

In other words, would you prefer to stick with the status quo, spending valuable team resources searching and tracking, or would you prefer using modern technology to provide timely reporting and forward looking insights so your team can plan, analyze and execute effectively?

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Show me the ROI! – Getting Outstanding Results from Investing in Process Management

process-management-roiSome people might ask. “Why shouldn’t we just keep working as we always have?”

We may be able to answer that question very simply by looking at growth and opportunity.

PwC projects that by the year 2030 construction output will grow to $15.5 trillion worldwide. That means that just a 1% reduction in costs would provide savings of over $150 billion.

The reality is that the size, volume and complexity of today’s and tomorrow’s projects cannot be supported using yesterday’s methods.

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