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Kirsten Mann

VP Product & Experience at Aconex
Kirsten Mann is the VP Product & Experience for Aconex,the world's leading collaborative construction and engineering management software.
Kirsten Mann

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Why organizations don’t value design (and four ways to overcome this)

I’ve been a design and user experience (UX) professional for over twenty years.

During my first job at a consulting firm, I led the creation of a new software tool and promptly wanted to know, “Who’s using this?” Consultants engaged with the client; not the users. That’s how my professional engagement in human-centered design began: identifying and connecting with the person who will be using the product and learning what their problems are.

Recently, I spoke on a Sydney-based podcast about how organizations generally don’t value the importance of design. It’s hard to measure design and user experience because it’s not tangible. So how can designers and product professionals influence organizations to see the value in design?

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