Construction Software: Trends to Watch in 2014

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Happy New Year to all of our readers!

We hope you like the new look and feel of the Aconex Blog. The new name signifies its function as a practical source of news and information on best practices in construction project management.

Our Industry Predictions for Construction Software

Now’s the time when we all think about the year ahead and what’s in store for the construction industry. Our own thoughts turn to construction technology – specifically, construction software for project information and process management. Continue reading

The Consumerization of Construction Project IT


Image: InformationWeek

Last month, InformationWeek ran a cover story on Consumerization 2.0 – “Consumerization 1.0 was ‘we don’t need IT.’ Today we need IT to bridge the gap between consumer and business tech.”

In the issue, InformationWeek Editor Chris Murphy makes a number of interesting points about IT’s new role in helping employee users make the most effective use of their preferred tools and technologies on the job. Two of these points struck us as being particularly applicable to the transformation occurring in construction project management. Continue reading

Why You Need Construction Project Management Software

construction management in ancient Egypt

Image: GEICO

If construction software had existed in ancient Egypt, the building of the pyramids would have gone much more smoothly. However, they may not have been pyramids!

A U.S. insurance company called GEICO has been running a series of comedic television commercials. The theme of the campaign is that 15 minutes can save you 15% or more on your car insurance premiums.

One of the current commercials starts with two contemporary construction workers talking on their lunch break. It ends with a pharaoh in ancient Egypt discovering that the newly built pyramids in the distance don’t match the cubic design on the blueprint in his hands. Continue reading

Moving and Managing Construction Project Information

Aconex MobileMcGraw Hill Construction has just published a new SmartMarket Report – Information Mobility: Improving Team Collaboration through the Movement of Project Information. The report surveys 300 general contractors and specialty trade contractors in the U.S. on a range of issues related to the mobility and management of construction project information. See a brief review of the report in ENR and download the document here.

The consensus of the findings is that technology has significantly improved the flow of project information to enhance collaboration and productivity. However, there remain challenges around access to field data away from the jobsite and the tracking of project information as it flows between different companies on the project team. Continue reading

Construction in the Cloud

Industry Cloud Adoption

Image: Emergence Capital Partners

Gordon Ritter, founder and general partner of Emergence Capital Partners, recently published an article in TechCrunch, titled “How to Tell if You’re in a Cloud-Friendly Industry”. In it, Ritter ranks industries that are more or less conducive to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) strategies and factors that make them so.

In the top tier of ‘cloud-friendliness’, Ritter places healthcare and education. He indicates that SaaS solutions help healthcare companies stay current in a strongly regulated industry, while educational institutions require applications that are designed for non-desk workers and leverage big data. Continue reading