Information security: how to protect your project data from cyber attacks

Construction professional protecting information security. A UK construction publication recently interviewed Oracle’s Aconex to discuss how information security has become increasingly significant in our marketplace over the past five years.

A few examples include:

  • Governments and private owners are progressively moving their data to the cloud.
  • More comprehensive structured data sets of sensitive buildings and infrastructure assets are being created— thanks to building information modelling (BIM).
  • Mobile devices offer greater accessibility to opportunistic cyberterrorists.

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Digital Transformation: Five Challenges Preventing Modernization in E&C

E&C professionals discussing digital transformation.

In the Fall of 2017, Aconex gathered nine high-profile UK construction professionals working at leading organizations— including Skanska and Atkins— to discuss how we can embrace digital transformation in engineering and construction (E&C).

The meeting was held at Building Magazine’s headquarters in London— the #1 leading construction publication in the United Kingdom.

Round table attendees included:

  • Skanska: Malcolm Stagg, Director of BIM & Digital Engineering
  • Atkins: Neil Thompson, Head of Digital Transformation
  • Peter Trebilcock, Consultant Architect
  • Wates: Lucy Abbott, BIM Director
  • Sir Robert McAlpine: Nick Leach, BIM Manager
  • BAM Nuttall Limited: Ivor Barbrook, Head of Planning and Digital Construction
  • Allies & Morrison: Jo Bacon, Partner
  • Allies & Morrison: Matt Olsen, BIM Lead
  • Oracle’s Aconex: Steve Cooper, General Manager, UK&I

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Gathering momentum for digital adoption in the E&C industry

AECOM - Digital TransformationThe path towards digital transformation—while no means an easy journey—is critical to the success of the E&C industry.

Digital transformation will garner immense value and productivity gains, including: reduced cost overruns, improved quality and safety, better asset information for operations and maintenance, and on-time delivery.

Digital transformation will fundamentally change the game in the E&C industry, according to The Boston Consulting Group.

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How to build a digitally savvy workforce in E&C

Digital-talent-ec-industryWe all must acknowledge:  The time for digital transformation in the E&C industry is now.

But, this proclamation requires more than simply investing money into software, hardware, or applications—you also need people to adopt, implement, use, and optimize the technology.   People are still at the heart of business. How people leverage technology can significantly improve and advance the way business is conducted.

The pressing challenge remains: in an industry with a labor shortage, how do you attract digitally savvy talent?

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The pathway to success: Standardization in the E&C industry

e-c-industry-Standardization_GICManufacturing and process driven industries, such as oil and gas, have been standardizing their processes for years. On the flip side, the construction industry has historically struggled to develop and implement standardization given the sheer variety of their projects.

For example, John Holland, one of Australia’s leading engineering contractors, has managed projects ranging from a children’s hospital, to a prison, to a regional rail link. That’s a considerable array of projects for a construction company to grapple with.

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