Avoid Infrastructure Program Nightmares with Connected Teams, Processes, and Data

construction-infrastructure-teams-processes-dataThinking about keeping your infrastructure program on track? The following scenarios might sound familiar – and trigger some anxiety:

  • Your program just gained approval and funding, and the clock is ticking. You need to ramp up your program quickly, which means bidding and awarding contracts, getting the site ready, and coordinating the many people, processes, and systems, all in a matter of months.

  • Multiple packages are being delivered simultaneously, and you lack visibility into progress. If you’re self-performing, one misstep in the quality process could mean rework that you’re accountable for.
  • You need to pull together monthly reports that show how you’re performing against your baseline budget, but that requires digging through and making sense of siloed contract, cost, and schedule information. Manual processes and constant project change make it difficult to ensure accurate reports.
  • To continue government funding, you must report progress and activity against fund sources.
  • The safety inspector visits your jobsite and can shut you down for noncompliance with regulations.
  • Asset turnover is a scramble as you complete commissioning. Margins erode every day that you are late or issues arise.

Large infrastructure projects create an unbelievable amount of process complexity and data. When up to 300 (or more) organizations are collaborating on processes like RFIs, change orders, and inspections, teams turn to program management software to manage the complexity while gaining control and insights.

Using data to drive performance

Leading PMs, contractors, and owners are taking a proactive approach to the information-complexity problem. No longer just reacting to symptoms, they are investing in digitization and using the power of data to cure the problem – or avoid it completely.

By connecting project teams and processes on a single technology platform, Aconex users capture more data across each project lifecycle and across projects. With easy access to this data, they can analyze trends, make better decisions, and improve performance; for example:

  • Early warnings – When potential cost impacts are captured in real time and connected to project cost management processes, you can make faster decisions and forecast more accurately.
  • Painless turnover to O&M – When all decisions, documents, and actions from design and construction processes are captured on a single platform (the “digital twin”), handover becomes effortless.
  • Dispute resolution – When a potential dispute arises, an easily accessible audit trail of decisions and actions minimizes time and money spent on litigation. (Aconex also helps to prevent claims: because decision evidence cannot be deleted, claimants won’t bother arguing an unwinnable position.)

Seven ways Aconex will drive performance on your next infrastructure program

Companies like Parsons, Balfour Beatty, and China Road & Bridge Corporation trust Aconex for digital project delivery because it: 

  • Gives project leaders control, visibility, and insights.
  • Makes it easy for teams to work faster and safer without messing up.
  • Reduces company risk by ensuring compliance, standardization, and continuous learning.

Here’s how Aconex can power your program:

1. Connected Teams, Processes, and Data mean better insights and minimized disputes

To ensure that you have visibility and control across processes that run between organizations, you need every company using the same collaborative software. And for everyone to trust using it, that software must respect each organization’s privacy and allow no single organization to control or alter the decision audit trail.

This neutrality model is why Aconex excels at connecting teams. A trusted audit trail between organizations minimizes disputes and makes resolution easy. Data is connected throughout the project lifecycle, all the way through handover to operations and maintenance.

Aconex takes insights to the next level because it’s an open platform that lets you connect to the ecosystem (design systems, financial systems, and third-party applications).

See why Dubai Airports selected Aconex to gain trusted collaboration among airport operations, engineering services, over 100 individual airlines, customs, immigration, police, fire, and various government bodies.

2. Easy Configuration means launching projects faster and agility, while working your way

Aconex provides the only easily adaptable platform on the market, so you can set up processes based on the way you work. With this platform flexibility, you don’t have to use different systems for different project or contract types, so it’s easier to measure performance across your portfolio. Finally, you can get projects started quickly and easily adjust your processes as your needs (or your clients’) change.

Metro de Santiago reduced project implementation time by 91%, from 45 hours to 4 hours.

3. Design and Construction Coordination helps you manage the mayhem

Aconex Packages gives you the means to control the design and construction processes for a project, breaking down an asset into discrete sections, making it easier to create, manage, and track engineering and project information. Packages ensures that the right documentation is packaged and distributed for approval in design and construction, and that packages of work are controlled to capture the quality documentation  before sign-off.

Communication Distribution Rules makes sure the right people get the right information at the right time. Before any issues arise, you can determine who should be copied or forwarded on each piece of correspondence, based on the process (e.g., RFI), the recipients, their job functions, the groups they belong to, and so on.

BAM International reduced RFI cycles by 50% and accelerated approval of both multidimensional models and shop drawings through continuous updates using Aconex Connected BIM.

4. Modernized Project Controls mean early warnings = forecasting with confidence

Aconex Connected Cost provides budget and cost management integrated to schedule. For self-performed work, earned value management brings together budget, cost, schedule, hours, and/or quantities to provide performance insights. For lump sum contracts, contract management capabilities allow you to manage your commitments, changes, and payment processes throughout your supply chain.

Connected Cost extends Aconex’s unique collaborative platform into cost processes, so the activities of the greater project team can feed into your private cost workspace, giving you actionable cost information and early warnings for potential issues. The easy-to-use report builder provides instant access to budget and cost information across your portfolio.

5. Jobsite Mobility means you’ve “got the job in your pocket”

Site teams rave about using Aconex for quality and safety processes because they can digitize any paper-based form without changing its look and feel (which minimizes training time), and they can report on anything captured in the form fields. Automating and standardizing field-based processes can speed up inspection times, drive accountability among site staff, and minimize delays. Whether it’s health and safety audits, quality checks, or conformance reports, Aconex can capture it, manage it, and report on it in real time.

6. Compliance and Security make Aconex the most secure platform, period

AconexGov is designed specifically to service clients with higher compliance needs, including the increasing compliance requirements of government projects. AconexGov will meet the governance requirements of programs including FedRAMP and IRAP, effectively saving clients the time and cost of  ensuring this compliance on their own.

Pomerleau used Aconex to meet the rigorous monitoring, reporting, and compliance requirements of P3s.

7. Insights helps you avoid tomorrow’s problems, today

Aconex provides graphical dashboards and configurable reports so you can access the information you need, when you need it. Find data fast, run reports in real time, and get the process insights you need to optimize performance.

The Grocon / PCL Joint Venture saved approximately A$778,000 in time and labor and A$950,000 in reporting over 4.5 years.

Ready to learn more about how Aconex can relieve anxiety on your next program or across your portfolio? We’re happy to provide you with a live demo of how we can help.

Courtney Sherman

Courtney Sherman

Regional Marketing Director at Aconex
Courtney Sherman is a Regional Marketing Director at Aconex, the world's leading collaborative construction and engineering management software.
Courtney Sherman