Aconex and EarthCam Join Forces to Continue to Grow the #1 Construction Ecosystem

Aconex-EarthCamHow much time and effort is wasted manually consolidating information from countless systems across your projects?

Massive amounts of data are generated on projects, managed across a range of applications. By seamlessly consolidating this data in one central location automatically, there is serious potential to optimise project delivery.

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Modernize Project Controls or Suffer the Consequences

construction-industry-modernizationDon’t get hit by a bus!

The construction industry is rapidly transitioning from old-school legacy and ad-hoc tools to modern, forward-looking solutions. With this industry shift in mind, which would you prefer: getting the license plate of the bus that just hit you or being warned that a bus is coming toward you?

In other words, would you prefer to stick with the status quo, spending valuable team resources searching and tracking, or would you prefer using modern technology to provide timely reporting and forward looking insights so your team can plan, analyze and execute effectively?

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What is the Digital Ecosystem, and Why it’s Crucial to the E & C Industry

digital-ecosystem-constructionCloud-based technology: the foundation for collaboration

Ten years ago, Steve Jobs revolutionized how we communicate with each other by introducing the iPhone. Jobs also opened up an entirely new industry: apps. We can’t imagine our life today without these handy apps – whether you’re locating an Uber driver, buying something handy on Amazon, or just checking the weather —  our lives have become infinitely easier thanks to apps.

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Control the Chaos: Streamline Your Projects with Packages

aconex-packages-construction-projectsIt’s little surprise that, as the world becomes faster, it’s harder to keep track of things.

Constant email, tsunamis of regulatory information, and endless documents flood our inbox daily. Projects are becoming increasingly tricky to manage as deadlines tighten and regulations increase.

So how can you efficiently manage thousands of project processes and all of the data?

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The Construction Industry and Cybersecurity: It’s Game On, Not Game Over

Cybersecurity in the Construction IndustryTheft has always lurked throughout the dark recesses of the construction industry.

Stolen machinery and building supplies amount to hundreds of millions of pounds in losses each year. In fact, a 2017 UK government survey revealed an insidious new type of theft; nearly seven out of ten large businesses have suffered a cyber breach or attack at some point, adding up to hundreds of billions in losses.

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