Deliver Winning Infrastructure Projects: 4 Advanced Data Analytics Insights

In a recent survey, industry professionals cited the following major challenges in delivering successful infrastructure projects:  Design Complexity, Errors and Rework, and Supply Chain Availability (infographic).

The root of many of these problems is the data — the sheer volume of the data generated can quickly overwhelm the project and overshadow the competencies of all those involved.

How much data is actually produced?  The largest infrastructure projects produce an average of 130 million emails, 55 million documents, and 12 million workflows.

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Progress Claims Solutions Solving Month-End Madness for Construction

construction-claims-paymentsIn my six years of working in the Australian construction market, a consistently voiced customer concern is the relentless pressure on margins.

With many tenders now allowing almost zero-margin, construction firms must find ways to stand out from the competition besides offering the lowest initial tender price, while at the same time reducing  internal costs. In this environment, reliable repeat client business, or winning tenders where price isn’t the sole deciding factor, can be the difference between surviving and thriving.

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John Holland: How to Benefit from Standardizing on a Company-Wide Process & Information Management System

JohnHolland-benefits-of-construction-project-management-platformIt’s no surprise that the construction industry has become increasingly complex.

Each project involves many team members, organizations, and moving pieces. These projects also involve many different contract types and various models for managing project information and processes. So how can you determine which type of project management tool to use and how to standardize across your many clients and project types?

Tim Crisp, a Group Manager at John Holland – an international engineering contractor based out of Melbourne, Australia, – found the answer. Leveraging his in-depth knowledge of company-wide systems, Tim and his team moved John Holland’s projects onto the Aconex platform. A portfolio of 30+ existing projects were migrated from a legacy platform to Aconex and new projects are now launched with Aconex as standard. During a recent webinar, Tim shared his experience using a company-wide system to boost productivity and quality across projects.

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Middle East Construction Sector: Valuable Findings from a Project Controls Roundtable

Project-Controls-constructionAconex hosted on 11 May, in Dubai, a roundtable discussion with industry leaders from client bodies, consultancy firms and contractors to discuss the importance of project controls for the Middle East region’s ever challenging construction sector.

Background:  Lower oil prices impact Middle East private sector projects

Since late 2014 lower oil prices have put downward pressure on government budgets, which has constrained infrastructure spending across the region. At the same time, lower oil prices have meant the region’s oil exporters have less funds on deposit within the regional banking system which has constrained the level of liquidity available for private sector projects.

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Parsons Shares 3 Secrets to Speeding Review Cycles and Reducing Risk on Infrastructure Projects

Parsons-Aconex-construction-managementInfrastructure projects continue to grow in complexity. Huge infrastructure projects in particular often have large project teams spanning many organizations across the globe.

Studies show that larger projects are more likely to incur budget and schedule overruns and that those overruns are significant. The increased risk, reporting requirements and government regulations make information and process management critical for today’s infrastructure projects. With so many different organizations and so much risk involved, the question looms: how do we manage the vast amounts of data and communication on these large, complex global projects?

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