Parsons Shares 3 Secrets to Speeding Review Cycles and Reducing Risk on Infrastructure Projects

Parsons-Aconex-construction-managementInfrastructure projects continue to grow in complexity. Huge infrastructure projects in particular often have large project teams spanning many organizations across the globe.

Studies show that larger projects are more likely to incur budget and schedule overruns and that those overruns are significant. The increased risk, reporting requirements and government regulations make information and process management critical for today’s infrastructure projects. With so many different organizations and so much risk involved, the question looms: how do we manage the vast amounts of data and communication on these large, complex global projects?

Mary-Lou Lane, an experienced Document Control Manager at Parsons – one of the world’s largest engineering and construction organizations – has found a solution to this question.  She has worked for many of the leading EPCs and contractors throughout her career.  During a recent webinar she spoke about how Aconex has helped address some of her key challenges by highlighting the value of cross organization collaboration and emphasizing the use of a project-wide system.

“I’ve never worked on a project without scope changes.  The larger the project, the more changes there are and the bigger the impact those changes have,” Mary-Lou said.  She reviewed a few key project obstacles she’s encountered over the years:

Lost RFI records, delayed projects and incurred costs.  Critical records were lost via email because there was no central system for communication.  This lack of response to critical RFI’s held up jobs because there was no system to track progress of workflows.

Wasted time spent on data entry and bottlenecks created.  With each document revision, a transmittal needed to be restarted to upload a new document. Transmittals were funneled through document control where limited users had access to the system, thus creating a slower response-rate.

Overcome Construction Project Process Challenges

Mary-Lou shared how using Aconex can help overcome project process challenges by increasing transparency, efficiency and security.

#1. Transparent information exchange

Stakeholders know who has what information and when they received it…meaning no more lost RFIs. A central neutral system provides equal access and benefits across the full project team; not just one organization. This level of transparency inspires trust amongst stakeholders.

#2. Compatibility and security

Information, such as RFIs with supporting documentation can be securely transmitted without size or file type constraints. All of the information is stored on one, secure platform for all relevant parties to access.

#3. Central project record

With a central secure system, disputes are reduced and there’s no more wasted time searching for documents. Information is easy to find and there is a complete audit trail; further reducing risk.

Process Improvements Yield Significant Cost Savings and Faster Turnarounds

Mary Lou’s best practices resulted in reduced staffing costs and faster turnaround for over 3,500 RFIs.  By reducing the logging time for daily reports and eliminating reporting errors, Parsons drove faster resolution of field issues. “We significantly decreased processing time for change management paperwork by making documents readily available to the project team, and mitigated risk through a permanent audit trail of the project.”

Parson’s highlights further best practices using Aconex in their webinar, “Strategic Alliances and Alternative Delivery Models.”

With the size and complexity of projects, it is critical to define how various organizations will coordinate and communicate with one another.  Each organization, regardless of their size, must have access to the systems, information and support they need to run a successful project.  “Aconex is the best thing since sliced bread,” said Mary-Lou.

Watch the full webinar recording here: “Five ways to drive process adoption“.

Webinar Summary: In this webinar, hear from Yadira Merryman, from the $13.2b new Mexico City Airport project, on how Parsons drives technology adoption to deliver successful infrastructure projects around the world.


Corie Cheeseman

Corie Cheeseman

Content Marketing Manager at Oracle's Aconex
Corie Cheeseman is a Content Marketing Manager for Oracle's Aconex, a leading collaborative construction and engineering management software.
Corie Cheeseman