How E&C is leveraging the power of project controls to tackle giga projects

Krista Lambert AconexImagine trying to explain modern E&C technology, materials, and resources available in the industry today to a construction worker from a century ago.

Their jaw might drop at today’s technical solutions: “You mean, you can store project information in the sky??”

Today’s technological advancements have empowered us to maximize our productivity compared to how we managed projects one hundred years ago. A megaproject (valued at US $1B or below) may have seemed daunting in the past, but we’re quickly adapting to a new normal. The giga project (valued at US $1B or more) encompasses even greater complexity, capital expenditures, and risk.

So how can project controls help manage the mounting risk associated with giga projects?

Project Controls EXPO 2017

The Project Controls EXPO 2017 is the biggest UK project controls event, attracting over 700 project owners and contractors across construction, infrastructure, and energy and resources industries. Guy Barlow, Aconex Commercial Director of Connected Cost, was a featured speaker discussing the emergence of giga projects and why it matters.

This session recording defines the drivers behind giga projects, the challenges they present, and how innovative companies at the vanguard of project controls are successfully addressing these hurdles. Guy discusses how pioneering E&C companies are leveraging project controls to successfully address the drivers and challenges behind giga projects. This recording provides a sweeping framework— including primary and secondary project management research and the latest studies on cognitive biases—to help better manage projects of all sizes.

Listen to the full session recording here.

Krista Lambert

Krista Lambert

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Aconex
Krista Lambert is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Aconex, the world's leading collaborative construction and engineering management software.
Krista Lambert