Show me the ROI! – Getting Outstanding Results from Investing in Process Management

process-management-roiSome people might ask. “Why shouldn’t we just keep working as we always have?”

We may be able to answer that question very simply by looking at growth and opportunity.

PwC projects that by the year 2030 construction output will grow to $15.5 trillion worldwide. That means that just a 1% reduction in costs would provide savings of over $150 billion.

The reality is that the size, volume and complexity of today’s and tomorrow’s projects cannot be supported using yesterday’s methods.

So, what is keeping us from improving how we deliver projects in the construction and engineering sectors? According to: The World Economic Forum, Boston Consulting Group, and McKinsey & Company:

  • We focus too much on each individual projects.
  • We innovate in areas of engineering and construction, but not business processes.
  • There are disconnects between the field and office that make it hard to prioritize and gain adoption of new processes.
  • Contract types and project structure can get in the way of the cross-organization collaboration, that is so essential to efficiently running a project.

“ROI orientation. Measuring and communicating how new technology will improve construction…the positive effects on cost, schedule, and risk optimization—is the surest way to build a compelling case for adoption.”  ~ McKinsey & Company – Imagining Construction’s Digital Future

Some industry leaders have overcome these challenges, driven adoption and achieved outstanding results using Aconex.

Sample Companies that Achieved Outstanding ROI

Valuable Tips to Improve Process Management and Increase ROI

Here are 5 tips to help improve YOUR project delivery that we have learned from working with industry leaders for nearly 20 years.

  1. Look at how you manage processes across your projects.
  2. Measure and share process performance goals and results across your teams.
  3. Provide tools and methods to integrate field and office.
  4. Ensure that contracts are structured to support your project goals.
  5. Implement processes that benefit individuals as well as the projects and organizations.

“Show Me the ROI” Webinar

Patty-Sullivan-Burns-McDonnellIn a recent webinar, Patty Sullivan from Burns & McDonnell’s Strategic Initiatives Group shared  how they are changing the way they manage project processes to help their clients succeed.

Their 80% reduction in correspondence response times is just one example of the results they have achieved.

Since adoption is an obvious key to gaining results, Patty shared 5 tips from Burns & McDonnell on managing change and maximizing adoption.

  1. Identify champions within each business practice.
  2. Assess challenges and goals across your organization.
  3. Analyze commonalities and unique needs.
  4. Define optimal process flows.
  5. Identify tools and technology to support those processes.

A Focus on Field Management

After analyzing their project processes, Field Management is one of the areas Burns & McDonnell selected to focus on.

Field management is typically plagued by paper, manual processes, and lack of standardization, as each project’s and client’s needs are met.

It quickly became clear that Burns & McDonnell needed a flexible system to meet the diverse requirements of various projects, project types, and clients. They also needed broad functionality to support all of their field processes, using a standard approach, and providing the same high standard of data capture and reporting across all of their projects.

Burns & McDonnell implemented Aconex “Field Forms”.  

Here is some of the key functionality.

  1. Accommodates any form, thus meeting all project and client needs.
  2. Provides a familiar interface to those in the field, which increased adoption.
  3. Supports autofill, data capture, and search, improving ease of use and the value of project data.

Now, there is 100% visibility into the work that was done, when it was done, and by whom.

“The implementation was so effortless, the team didn’t realize there was a process change.” ~ Patty Sullivan, Burns & McDonnell

This flexibility lets Burns & McDonnell provide better client service to support their corporate mission:

“Make our clients successful.”

Based on Patty’s experience, working in the Strategic Initiative Group, she shared advice on what to look for when selecting a technology partner:

  1. Easily adaptable/configurable software—each project has unique needs
  2. Easy-to-use software—if it’s not easy, it won’t be used
  3. A partner you can trust—especially one that focuses on client service
  4. Stellar support for the whole project team, across all organizations

Watch the webinar recording to learn more:  Show me the ROI – concrete results from process improvement

Webinar Summary: In this webinar, Burns & McDonnell shares how to prioritize processes and implement improvements to achieve results such as an 80% reduction in mail response times and a 64% decrease in workflow response rates.

Janet Poses

Janet Poses

Sr. Manager Global Industry Solutions at Oracle's Aconex
Janet Poses is a Sr. Manager Global Industry Solutions at Oracle's Aconex, a leading collaborative construction and engineering management software.
Janet Poses