Better Document Version Control for Construction Projects

construction-document-version-controlMitigating risk in construction projects between different organizations requires a systematic approach to the causes of risk. A key cause of project risk is project teams mistakenly working with out-of-date documents.

Version control helps ensure that collaborating team members are working on the latest revision of a document. Construction document management software should support five principles for sound version control:

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13 Signs You Need Construction Management Software

Construction Management Sofware Sign And, if you’re already using construction management software, do you have the right solution?

Few in the construction industry would argue with the statement that capital projects are becoming more complex. This is due to several factors, including advances in construction and engineering methods, an increasingly sophisticated workforce, rising labor and materials costs, and higher expectations of built assets.

Project teams are larger, crossing a broader range of different organizations that need to share project information and processes in a controlled environment. As a result, project risk is higher and more difficult to manage.

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