Construction Change Order and Variation Management

Change-Orders-Construction-VariationsTo paraphrase the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, change is the only constant in construction projects.

Changes in scope occur as projects progress from design through practical completion. In fact, initial site works can be in motion long before all necessary planning permits have been obtained, designs have been finalized and construction contracts have been negotiated.

Design and construction teams follow a number of interdependent processes to communicate changes and variations in project scope. Many of these processes have been standardized throughout the industry as commonly accepted tools for raising, clarifying and resolving issues. Examples include construction change orders, requests for information (RFIs), instructions, and variation requests.

In a previous post, we offered pragmatic tips on the RFI management process to improve efficiency and reduce risk. Now we’ll focus on best practices in managing scope-of-work changes and variations to ensure successful project delivery.

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