Control the Chaos: Streamline Your Projects with Packages

aconex-packages-construction-projectsIt’s little surprise that, as the world becomes faster, it’s harder to keep track of things.

Constant email, tsunamis of regulatory information, and endless documents flood our inbox daily. Projects are becoming increasingly tricky to manage as deadlines tighten and regulations increase.

So how can you efficiently manage thousands of project processes and all of the data?

What is Work Packaging?

Work Packaging is a work process framework designed to help manage projects more effectively. Packaging allows you to group together documents and correspondence for a specific purpose. By splitting a large project into themed sections, you can manage and track design and construction information.

For example, design teams are challenged with keeping track of their designs through the review and approval phases of a project. During the construction phase, it’s important to track completed work against the construction program. At the quality control stage, teams must determine which project records and documents within a package have been completed prior to the handover stage – presenting a completed project to the asset owner. Without clear visibility into cost and schedule for each of the scenarios outlined, your project is exposed to potential risk. Packages create a snapshot of documents at a particular point in time – whether that’s the design or quality control stage – to provide a deeper level of control.

How does Work Packaging help me?

Work Packaging helps different project roles manage process requirements and challenges more effectively:

Design Managers
“I need to arrange documentation in packages according to scope. Project-wide collaboration helps me capture, control, and review packages throughout design iteration.”

Engineering Managers
“As I evaluate changes to the project design, reviewing the baseline documentation via the approved packages helps reduce any potential risk.”

Site Engineers
“I need to ensure that I’m in control of the documents, forms, and checklists in my packages so that I can meet project specifications and the required standards.”

Quality Managers
“I close tens of thousands of packages over the life of the project, so I need the quality review process to be as seamless as possible.”

Head Contractors
“I distribute approved design packages to the subcontractor. The package of documents required may be tough to find if they aren’t packaged out of a document register.”

Aconex Packages: Structure and automate your packages and deliverables

Aconex has seamlessly connected projects and teams on a single technology platform for over 17 years. We capture and organize important information across the entire lifecycle and provide a single source of truth. Aconex Packages enable you to create themed sets of documents to use with your project, making it easier to track, manage and control entire processes, from design and construction through completion. Aconex streamlines everything by replacing paper documents with digital versions, automating repetitive processes and keeping everything in one place.

A package can contain different versions of documents, and the same document can be in multiple packages. Packages can also be put into formal review processes, allowing comments via review templates. Because packages are defined by type, they’re adaptable across many industry processes – particularly during the design process and lot management. There are four main package types:

  • Design Packages
  • Work Packages
  • Construction Lots
  • Completion Packages

Aconex Packages help complete a project by capturing and storing information relevant to specific pieces of work, across the entire lifecycle, in one place, for quality management and completion.

With Aconex Packages, confidently use the correct set of documents and information without being impacted by further revisions. Package documents can even be linked to Aconex Connected Cost, integrating cost, schedule and project information across your entire portfolio.

Ready to know more?

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Gordon Marx

Gordon Marx

Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Oracle's Aconex
Gordon Marx is Senior Manager, Product Marketing, for Oracle's Aconex, a leading collaborative construction and engineering management software.
Gordon Marx