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by Kristin Mark in Product & UX

Aconex hosted a Product Tank Meetup event with special guest Barry O’Reilly, co-author of Lean Enterprise. It was an evening full of interesting ExecCamp tales and lessons learnt while working with leading international organisations to help them build a culture of experimentation.


by Timothy Churchward in Product & UX

What are the pros and cons of using a design challenge when looking for the next member of our team?

by Kirsten Mann in Product & UX

Last weekend the Aconex UX team hosted a workshop by Jim Kalbach, a respected thought leader from the New York UX community, around the domain of “alignment diagrams”.

by Georgina Laidlaw in Product & UX
The idea of using writers in UX is slowly catching on. But slowly, perhaps because it’s difficult to see the value of a writer. If you’ve been wondering what a writer would actually do in your UX or product team, here’s a basic rundown of Georgina's typical day at work at Aconex.
by Silas Haysom in Product & UX

In eighteen months, Silas has gone from saas startup founder to being part of a 10+ person UX team. He explains how his experience as a founder is helping in his new role.

by Kirsten Mann in Product & UX

How can you avoid feeling overwhelmed as a new UX Manager? Kirsten Mann, GM of Global Design and Experience at Aconex, speaks from her own experience...

by Georgina Laidlaw in Product & UX

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