The best of both worlds: collaboration and control

Large construction and engineering projects have lots of uncertainty and carry enormous risk. That's why successful project teams are those that respond best to changing conditions. They choose tools like Aconex to manage information and processes, leveraging more than a decade of expertise in designing and operating secure, enterprise-class, cloud-based systems. Aconex delivers predictable performance, no matter what challenges a project team is facing.

We let you focus on your project

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Today's workers need mobile platforms, but many projects still use systems designed for a PC-centric world. Aconex puts mobile first with construction apps that make it easy to distribute and review documents, collaborate around models, commission new equipment, conduct field inspections and operate and maintain existing assets from a mobile device.

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The most effective project teams collaborate on level playing fields. They avoid systems where one party retains master control, choosing neutral platforms like Aconex that give everyone access to the information they need while enforcing data ownership and security. On Aconex, every organization sets rules regarding what information will be shared, with whom and when.

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Security and performance

From controlled access and authentication to high levels of encryption and rigorous physical security, we help customers meet the strictest compliance requirements and keep their data safe. ISO 27001 certified since 2011, we continue to constantly test our systems for weakness, including regular penetration tests by third parties, and continuously work to evolve our security model.

Government compliance

With evolving security threats, more prescriptive compliance standards are being imposed worldwide by governments and companies alike, including FedRAMP in the US and IRAP in Australia. Adhering to ISO 27001 standards is no longer sufficient for all organizations and projects. AconexGov meets the additional cloud and SaaS governance needs of these projects.

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Integrations and APIs

Projects typically use multiple systems, scattering information and making it hard to see the big picture. The Aconex Web Services API toolkit offers a way to bring all your data together, so you can monitor project-critical information from one interface, ensuring the information you rely on for day-to-day decisions is accurate and up to date.