The only platform built for companies and project teams that’s fast to deploy and easy to adapt.

When evaluating construction management software, you will find that most modern systems are cloud-based, mobile, and easy to use. But what’s the difference between them all? Learn more about what makes Aconex unique and how we drive performance for owners, contractors, PMs and consultants.

Trusted collaboration

To ensure that you have visibility and control across project processes that run between organizations, every company needs to trust using a collaborative, project-wide system.

The best model for connecting project teams = an unalterable audit trail

With Aconex, there are no barriers to collaborate. Every project member has access at no additional cost, and it’s easy to use. Each company has its own private workspace and owns its own data. No single company can change the audit trail, and there is no delete button.

Visibility beyond company boundaries gives you more control

More people using the system means more accurate insights. Process visibility beyond company boundaries helps you pinpoint bottlenecks, drive accountability, and make better decisions. An unalterable audit trail lets you avoid disputes and resolve them faster.

Fast & flexible platform

Typically, software is either fast to set-up but inflexible to your needs or customizable to organizational processes but resource intensive to adapt. With Aconex, you get the best of both worlds.

The only platform that’s flexible to your needs and fast to deploy

Our easily configurable workflows and cloud platform ensure fast deployment that maps to your unique processes and project requirements. This flexibility allows you to manage a diverse project portfolio.

Aconex grows with you, meeting your needs now and later

The Aconex platform can adapt quickly as your clients’ and projects’ needs change. One system for your portfolio gives you faster visibility into progress and performance and allows for continuous learning and improvement.

Integrated project lifecycle

Siloed systems and data lead to incomplete project information. Aconex supports critical processes across the entire project lifecycle.

Connected processes and data = the best insights at your fingertips

We offer an integrated suite of applications across design and construction, project controls, jobsite quality and safety, and handover. Aconex connects to other systems in your ecosystem, so you can enjoy connected data.

Smarter decisions, painless handover

You’ll have critical information at every project phase, including a “digital twin” of the entire project at handover. Our mobile applications ensure access from anywhere.

The safest choice

When selecting a software partner, secure data is critical – and so are the experience and track record of the team behind the software.

Most secure platform and trusted experts

With ISO 27001 certification, two-factor authentication, and security options spanning three levels of control, Aconex meets the highest international security standards. With experience delivering 16,000 projects in over 70 countries, our customers also rave about our service and 24/7 multilingual phone support.

Minimize risk with leading service, experience, and security

You minimize risk with the most secure system, assured compliance, access to the latest technology and innovation, and expert, responsive help when and where you need it.

Aconex project highlights

Road & Rail

Projects ranging from C$8 to $100 million


Before we had Aconex, one document could live in five different folders.
Uliana Meldal-Johnsen, Document Controller

Health & Education

US$180 million
Vernon Jubilee Hospital – a public-private partnership (PPP) project

Vernon Jubilee Hospital

Aconex ensures that parties can quickly access the information they need.

Eric Willden
Director of Major Projects

Oil & Gas

EPFC Corp Enterprise

Review cycles are twice as efficient now. They take half the time and effort.
Serge Despres, Vice President, Engineering