Integrating with other systems is easy with Aconex

Aconex enterprise integration facilitates the flow of project information between Aconex and other software systems. With it, frequent system interactions can be automated to reduce the risk of errors and create a single view of your data.

Platform integration

One view of all your data

Exchange data with systems for ECM, cost, scheduling, ERP, and more. Manage your project-critical data from a single interface.

Get the most out of your investment

There’s no need to replace legacy systems. By integrating with Aconex, you ensure data quality and consistency and can reduce errors related to manual processing.

Support for the latest standards

To make integration easy, we use industry standards REST and XML.

Scalable, flexible and secure

Tried and tested enterprise integration

Aconex’s integration capabilities have been proven in the most demanding enterprise environments. Our APIs are proven to scale, no matter what the volume or velocity of your data.

Uncompromising security

Access to our APIs requires authentication and can be managed at a user level. All transactions are encrypted over HTTPS and the security checks that apply to the user interface also apply to APIs.

An expanding range of services

Use our APIs today to perform searches for users, projects and documents, to register documents, to generate and read mail, and more. Stay tuned as we release new services.