Aconex is the Construction Ecosystem

Connect your internal applications and point solutions to the Aconex Ecosystem to automate the consolidation of all project and portfolio data in one central location. Whether its design software, finance systems or other third party applications, connecting to the Aconex Ecosystem enables interoperability across these tools, so you have all your critical information at your fingertips in real time to make faster, informed decisions.

Take connectivity to the next level

Seamless information flow

Automate data sync between Aconex and other systems, reducing double data handling and risk of error, and saving time. Aconex is the single source of truth, with all data up-to-date no matter what system it originates from.

Extract more value from your data

Realise the potential of your data to drive efficiencies and improve the bottom line. With data from all business applications feeding into the Aconex Ecosystem, you can take insights and project success to the next level.

A growing ecosystem

As the world’s #1 digital delivery platform for construction and engineering, our suite of integrations and partnerships is constantly expanding. A fully connected ecosystem enables our clients to maximise the return on their technology investment, and empowers our user network to work more efficiently.