A level playing field makes for successful projects

A well-run project means capturing what is happening in real time, and making that information available to the right people when they need it. That calls for construction management software that actually gets used. Aconex is a neutral, project-wide platform that gives every organization, from the largest owner to the smallest subcontractor, ownership and control of its own information. That neutrality builds trust, driving adoption. This leads to richer project information and, ultimately, greater value.

Drive high levels of adoption

Trust, built-in

There are no super users in Aconex. Project participants get access only to data that is explicitly shared with them, encouraging widespread use. In fact, Aconex adoption is 11x greater than traditional systems.*

A complete audit trail

The more people collaborate on Aconex, the more comprehensive the audit trail becomes. Information is searchable with metadata for fast, easy reference. 90% of document managers surveyed by TechValidate said they were confident of having a complete audit trail with Aconex.

Focus on your data

Why take on the risk of securing data that belongs to other organizations? Let Aconex assume the responsibility on your behalf.

Retain control of proprietary information

Decide who sees what

Retain ownership and control of all your data. Share documents and correspondence only with those who need the information.

Track your information

All documents and activities are audited and searchable, so you will always know where your information is and how it is being used.

No misplaced documents

Unlike email and other collaboration systems, Aconex has no limits on how much information can be transferred. You’ll never lose an email or have an attachment blocked.

Reduce risk through project information control

Process control

By standardizing processes on Aconex from day 1, you can be sure that the data captured is quality controlled and information is available to the right people when they need it.

Reporting and insights

With a reliable and complete audit trail, reporting on documents, communications and other project information provides a more comprehensive view of the project and better performance insights.

Built to deliver success

Leveling the playing field for all members of the project team is in everyone’s best interest, which makes the entire team more efficient and reduces project risk, while delivering a better outcome for project success.

*Harvard Design School, 2006, “Computer Aided Collaboration In Managing Construction.” The study included 46,600 projects from five vendors.