More effective capital project management

The Rocanville potash mine in Saskatchewan


Centralized information and processes

Manage all communications, documents and processes on a single, project-wide platform and effortlessly connect with anyone on your project anywhere on the globe.

A fast start

Easy to use and 100% cloud-based, Aconex can be deployed in under two weeks without triggering capex processes, making it ideal for prefeasibility and feasibility project stages.

A platform that scales

As projects progress, member organizations can add unlimited new users, files and data, at no additional cost, along with advanced features, such as drag-and-drop workflows.

Measurable efficiency gains

From simple engineering reviews to multi-disciplinary squad checks, customers say Aconex has sped up review processes by as much as 92 percent.

Reduce risk with better processes

A new city hall – New York, New York


Front-end loading

The quality of information and strategic decisions made during the initial evaluation stage of a project can be crucial to its success. Aconex provides owners with access to the information they need, while also ensuring a neutral platform for third parties.

Engineering reviews

Use workflows to align processes for engineering reviews across your project, and know the status of any drawing or document at any moment.

Stage gating

With Aconex, you capture a complete project record at every stage, so all the information needed to progress through each stage of a project is available through online search in an instant.

Legal and regulatory compliance

A single, shared repository for all licenses, permits and other documents related to regulatory compliance makes it easier to manage tough, new environmental and emissions requirements.

On-stream and on-budget

Panama Canal Third Set of Locks expansion project



Streamline the management of bids and contracts and prevent delays in procurement from impacting the project schedule with Aconex.

Start-up and commissioning

Coordinate the work of the commissioning team at every stage of the project on Aconex. Check and inspect every operational component of your asset with a mobile inspection tool and cut inspection times in half.

Operation and maintenance

Sustain performance following an asset’s handover by continuing to manage information and processes with Aconex. Communicate with contractors, manage contracts and thoroughly document all maintenance and repairs.

The Aconex advantage

World’s first full-scale commercial black pellet production facility


Improved control

96% of customers surveyed by TechValidate reported Aconex improved their control over processes and workflows.

Global availability

Lightweight and flexible, Aconex is designed to work well in remote locations enabling collaboration among far-flung teams.

Optimized for JVs

From complex workflows to an emphasis on information separation and security, Aconex fills the need of JVs and other partnerships to drive discipline and accountability while meeting contractual obligations.

Replicable project templates

Best practices from more than 16,500 construction projects worldwide and over US$1 trillion in assets are built into Aconex project management software.

Project-wide suite

Manage information and processes between all companies on your project.

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