Increase productivity with mobile construction apps

Projects are run on-site and on the road as much as in the office. The Aconex suite of construction apps gives your teams the ability to collaborate on the go. Review documents and drawings, conduct inspections, access BIM data, reference O&M manuals and more, all from your mobile device.

Control big projects from small devices

Work from anywhere

Manage your projects with our mobile construction apps. Project information in the palm of your hand means you can be productive wherever you are.

The latest version, every time

With a functioning internet connection, you can be sure you are looking at the most current version.

Continue working offline

No connection? No problem! Save ‘favorite’ project data for offline access. New information can still be created when offline, and will sync back when a connection is restored.

Keep your projects in your pocket

Your device, our apps

We support iOS and Android devices with our award-winning construction apps.

Secure access management

For projects with strict security and compliance requirements, our construction apps support 2-Step Verification and SAML for integration with Single Sign-On providers.

Everything is backed up

Aconex captures a full audit trail for your projects, which can be relied on to quickly resolve disputes.

Manage key processes with construction apps

Aconex Mobile

Access, track and share information from wherever you are. Send out site instructions, review change order requests, access the latest version of shop drawings, and more. For iOS and Android.

Aconex Field

Complete field inspections in half the time. Increase accuracy and reduce rework. Manage quality, safety, commissioning and more, across project organizations and directly from the field. For iOS and Android.

Aconex Connected BIM Mobile

Improve communication and understanding on-site by providing BIM access anywhere/anytime. For iOS and Android (tablets only).

Aconex Handover

Access and update operations and maintenance manuals on-site. For Windows 8.