A proven data retention plan for finished projects

At the end of your projects, complete and accurate records are critical. Aconex has a cloud-based data retention solution that provides immediate access to all of your documents, correspondence and decisions so you can quickly meet quality assurance requirements and resolve any compliance challenges.


A secure, reliable and compliant data store

A complete and secure project archive in the cloud

A rock-solid audit trail

Meet quality assurance requirements with a complete set of documents and data from the project including version history.

Multiple levels of protection

Safeguard project information in an archive that is certified to the highest international standard for security management practices.

Disaster proof

Geographically redundant backups keep your records safe and reduce risk of information loss.

Rapid document retrieval

Use Google-like search to locate files quickly and easily

Rapid retrieval

Instantly locate archived files, including correspondence, using metadata-based tools and Google-like keywords.

Efficient e-discovery

Manage risk and reduce the cost of recovering information. Retrieve documents through any browser.

Powerful mail search

Full mail search capability. Browse the thread of any mail, download mail attachments or share individual mail items.

A cost-effective approach

Access your data online without having to download and compile documents

Reduce printouts

Review documents online and share them electronically. Save on ink and paper.

Minimize man-hours

Avoid laborious downloads and the time-consuming effort required to collate documents and correspondence.

Offline archives are also available for a local, read only copy of your project data with limited functionality.