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Benefits for every construction project role

The Savoy, one of London’s most famous hotels

The Savoy
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Get the visibility you need to spot problems and control risks that can lead to delays and cost overruns. Receive high-quality handover manuals that are compiled digitally, as-built, and as the work is completed.

General contractors

Get the information you need to coordinate processes between project managers, consultants, subcontractors and your client. Powerful reports and insight tools show you the status of bids, submittals, RFIs, etc.

Project managers

Report on progress across complex projects involving many independent parties. Provide subcontractors and trades with accurate, up-to-date information and minimize delays and disputes thanks to a permanent archive and an iron-clad audit trail.

Residential & Commercial

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Residential & Commercial

Construction collaboration at scale

Whether you're making a statement with a new headquarters building, or revitalizing a multi-use urban area, your construction project management software should enhance both your reputation and your bottom line.

No project too big

Use Aconex as much as you need with no limits on the amount of data, the number or size of files, or the number of project participants.

Connect information and BIM models

Aconex lets everyone on the project distribute and mark up BIM models, so everyone benefits from a truly interconnected set of data without the need to invest in additional hardware, software or training.

Healthcare & Education

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Health & Education

Manage complex partnerships

Provide transparency and accountability in the public-private partnerships and joint ventures that are common on these projects, with easy to use project management software designed for construction.

Meet compliance demands

From contractual and regulatory requirements to green building certification, compliance means having information at your fingertips. With Aconex construction project management software, you'll know where to find any document, drawing, model, or piece of correspondence at any moment so you can satisfy oversight requirements.

Coordinate with stakeholders

From city planners to internal management teams, the diverse groups of stakeholders involved in healthcare and education projects require skillful change management. With Aconex mail, you can rest assured there is no missed communication.

Hospitality & Community

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Hospitality & Community

Get started fast

Selecting the right project management software for your construction program can trim weeks off start-up times as trades and subcontractors are brought on board more quickly. And, as the project progresses, adding new participants to Aconex is easy.

Mobile project management

Use award-winning Aconex mobile apps to boost the efficiency of everyone from inspectors checking for defects to consultants responding to RFIs.

Global teams, local support

Whether you are building a data center, a hospital or skyscraper, Aconex supports geographically dispersed teams with a mobile platform that is available in multiple languages. Teams can also tap into Aconex experts located in over 40 locations around the world.

Project-wide suite

Manage information and processes between all companies on your project.

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