Successful projects from start-up to handover

Ocean Park, one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations

Ocean Park Master Redevelopment
US$715 million

Project-wide accountability

Ensure accountability with workflows that track the status of documents and correspondence across every organization on your project.

Complete information capture

Making informed decisions can be difficult when project information is scattered among third-party systems. With Aconex, all correspondence and every document and model is in one central repository.

Strict information security

Aconex protects information with multiple levels of security and is certified to ISO 27001, the gold standard in information security management.

Superior handovers

As-built handover information is automatically compiled as each phase is completed, eliminating the project-end scramble and ensuring the owner receives complete operation manuals for an on-time opening.

Flexible processes for every stage of your project

Bloomberry Resorts and Hotels Entertainment City Manila

Bloomberry Resorts and Hotels Entertainment City Manila
US$15 billion

Efficient design reviews

Transmit, update, review and mark up BIM and other design files using an online viewer without ever needing the underlying file authoring software.

Respond to RFIs

Provide timely answers and clarification. Hill International found it could respond to RFIs for a renovation of New York City Hall 40% faster using Aconex.

Mobile inspections

Manage inspections and defects from the field during construction, commissioning and handover for comprehensive quality assurance.

Facilities Management

Hand over complete documentation of design and construction data and support ongoing facilities management during improvements and renovations.

Extend your control of information

New Zealand Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in China

New Zealand Pavilion 2010 World Expo
US$10 million

Stakeholder communication

Organize and track all communication with government agencies and other stakeholders using Aconex mail to ensure accuracy, consistency and a complete project record.

Distribute large files instantly

Drawings, BIM models, contracts, reports, schedules tenders and bid documentation - send and manage files of any size or format with as many project participants as you require. According to a survey by TechValidate, 75% of customers said Aconex made it easier to distribute large files.

Public records requests

Quickly fulfill requests with an online search tool and minimize the impact that multiple requests for public information can have on your project.

Historic preservation

Keep documents required for preservation management plans together with the rest your project information and avoid duplicative work

Project-wide suite

Manage information and processes between all companies on your project.

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Aconex project highlights

Hospitality & Community

Hyatt Andaz Hotel in New Delhi, India

Hyatt Andaz Hotel

There’s been a 30-40% efficiency gain from using Aconex.

Anil Gautam
Construction Manager

Hospitality & Community

US$15 billion
Entertainment City Manila

Entertainment City Manila

To deliver such a complex, multi-faceted development, we require the best tools and processes.
Marc Dominique Palaroan