Improve quality and safety with construction
safety checklists and more

Automate and standardize field-based processes on our cloud and mobile applications to speed up inspection times, drive accountability among site staff, and minimize delays and risks with in-depth visual reporting and insights. Health and safety audits, quality checks, site diaries, conformance reports, punch lists, defects, permits, hazard observations… No matter what type of inspection, Aconex can capture it, manage it, and report on it in real time.

Defects & Punch Lists

Defects, snags, punch lists – whatever you call them, Aconex takes the issue out of issue management.

Customizable data capture

Every project is different. Tailor issue capture forms to your specific needs, so you can monitor the data most important to you.

Extra detail for extra context

Attach and mark up as many photos as you need. Boost context when escalating issues and documenting compliance requirements.

Aconex project highlights

Residential & Commercial

US$465 million

Large real estate program in the United Kingdom

Through the implementation of Aconex, Turner & Townsend has been recognized as the market leader in realizing benefits of technology standardization on projects.
Zheng Choo, Principal Consultant, Technology

Residential & Commercial

Victoria Square in the heart of Belfast

Victoria Square

Using Aconex to control our information is of enormous benefit to the project.

Jon Munce
Senior Project Manager – Multi Development UK

Health & Education

US$1.3 billion

Etlik Integrated Health Campus project

Thanks to Aconex Field, we managed to achieve in our project a zero fatal accident score and zero injuries with permanent consequences.
Enzo Raho, Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager