Collaboration that works for complex projects

EPFC Corp Enterprise

One shared platform

Promote efficient collaboration with secure, cloud-based software that spans companies, countries and time zones. Ideal for JVs and consortia.

Project-wide workflows

From proposed specifications and drawings to detailed engineering designs and more, automated workflows give you control of submissions, revisions and approvals.

Global presence, local experts

Roll out quickly with help from Aconex experts in more than more than 40 countries using oil & gas-specific templates that mirror your processes and the way you work.

Made for mega-projects

Suitable for large, complex projects: there are no limits on data, file size the number of files or the number of users. And deploy in days, not months.

Extract productivity gains with project-wide processes

Vista Projects operates in the oil sands and conventional oil and gas sectors

Vista Projects

Front-end loading

From conceptual designs and feasibility studies to front-end engineering design, controlling design reviews and approvals in FEL with Aconex can drive significant cost savings.


Systematize bid and tender processes across the entire project and streamline contract management. Securely distribute large files and automatically track responses.

Vendor document management

Capture, manage and control vendor documentation and correspondence for everything from separators to drilling rigs and float spar platforms. Aconex gives you real-time visibility into vendor performance.

Regulation and Compliance

Manage the risks of increasing regulatory complexity with better information management for health, safety and environmental programs, as well as a permanent audit trail for all documents, decisions and correspondence.

Manage dozens of processes in one place

Rangeland Keeps Complex Design on Track with Aconex

Rangeland Engineering Burstall Ethane Storage Facility
US$140 million

Interface management

Identify, create and track the status of every project interface in real time with a common, project-wide process. Increase transparency at any project—upstream or downstream; brownfield or greenfield; onshore or offshore; oil, gas or shale.

Modular construction

Aconex lets you coordinate reviews of module specification packages, design audits and inspections with teams located all over the world.

Start-up and commissioning

Verify the mechanical completion and functionality of all project systems, as well as accurate calibration of instrumentation. Rely on a complete dossier of all captured activity.

Operations and maintenance

Increase resilience against interruption with a complete record of all information. Quickly access documents with digital O&M manuals or continue to capture information on an ongoing basis.

The Aconex advantage

Chiyoda Corporation


Aconex keeps pace with escalating risks, leveraging evolving, layered security that complies with the highest standards and reflects the most up-to-date thinking on threat deterrence.

Work the way you want

Accessible over the web, via mobile devices and through integration with tools like Outlook, so team members can choose their preferred interface.

Unparalleled support

Ensure project-wide adoption with unparalleled training and support for every person in every organization on the project.

Repeatable results

96% of customers surveyed by Techvalidate found that Aconex improved their control over processes and workflows.

Project-wide suite

Manage information and processes between all companies on your project.

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Aconex project highlights

Oil & Gas

EPFC Corp Enterprise

Review cycles are twice as efficient now. They take half the time and effort.
Serge Despres, Vice President, Engineering


US$747 million
Kitsault Molybdenum Mine in British Columbia

Kitsault Molybdenum Mine

Aconex will give us more visibility and control.
Thomas Gunthardt, Project Manager