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Block Island Wind Farm Aconex

Block Island Wind Farm

Take control of your projects

Manage information and processes across every organization on the project. Ensure everyone has access to accurate, up-to-date documents, models and drawings no matter where they are working from.

Standardize processes

Minimize errors and ensure consistency with project-wide workflows. Use powerful reporting and insights features to spot bottlenecks and prevent delays.

Made for megaprojects and large programs

While projects of all sizes and structures have benefited from Aconex, the platform is especially suited for large, complex projects: there are no limits on data, file size, the number of files or the number of users.

Generate efficiencies at every stage

World’s first full-scale commercial black pellet production facility

Zilkha Biomass Energy Manufacturing Plant

Front-end engineering and design

Track all process and engineering documentation with automatic version control so that everyone is always working from the most current information.

Permitting and licensing

Whether obtaining a construction and operating license from a nuclear regulator or securing a greenhouse gas permit from a national environmental agency, you can streamline the licensing and permitting process by organizing all documents and correspondence on Aconex.

Bidding and tendering

Assemble and distribute packages of digital documents with just a few clicks. Aconex facilitates oversight by authorized evaluators, helping ensure a fair, transparent bidding process with lockbox functionality available when required.

Environmental and safety compliance

Meet complex compliance requirements by working from one centralized information repository. Prepare plans, reports, regulatory submissions, permit applications and supporting documentation and send transmittals through Aconex.

Manage a project for years—and decades—to come

Apex Clean Energy, Inc.
US$470 million


From confirming the design intent of component systems to optimizing plant system functions, members of a commissioning team often get more done by working on-site. That’s where award-winning Aconex mobile apps come in.


Even turnkey power plant projects sometimes end up with difficult handovers. With Aconex, digital as-built documentation is compiled into O&M manuals as the project progresses, thus ensuring information about the asset is always available for review and update.

Operation & maintenance

Immediately pull up the complete project record for transmission lines and project assets instead of taking months to assemble documents lost in an off-site file store. Address issues and launch repair efforts immediately.


Closing down antiquated and economically marginal plants requires extensive planning. Having a single source of project information allows participants to more efficiently address complications as they arise.

The Aconex advantage

250-mile power transmission line project

Minnkota Power Transmission Project
US$350 million

Built for global teams

Aconex is designed for project teams that are spread across organizations, regions or even continents. Online and available in multiple languages, all you need is a browser or a mobile device with an internet connection.

Rapid implementation

Get started in days or weeks, with change managed by our local experts using industry-specific templates to get you started.

Unparalleled support

With hundreds of support staff globally, educational online help tools and 24/7 phone support, your entire project team, inside and outside your organization, can get up and running anywhere in the world.

A secure platform

Aconex is built in accordance with the highest information security standards and is routinely audited by third parties.

Project-wide suite

Manage information and processes between all companies on your project.

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Aconex project highlights

Oil & Gas

EPFC Corp Enterprise

Review cycles are twice as efficient now. They take half the time and effort.
Serge Despres, Vice President, Engineering

Road & Rail

US$1.15 billion
KPH Turcot improves project communications and processes with Aconex.

KPH Turcot - Turcot Interchange

Aconex supported timely and accurate project reporting to all stakeholders.
Caroline Lépine,Director of Document Control

Residential & Commercial


Concert 88 Scott Condo

Aconex never forgets. The information is always accurate and always there
John Price, Project Director (Bird Construction)