Oracle completed the acquisition of Aconex in March 2018. Aconex has become part of Oracle Construction and Engineering. This web site will be redirected to on February 28th, 2019.

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Rio Tinto Holden Mine Reclamation


Access to a single, shared repository of all project information puts owners on the same page as GCs and EPCs, to everyone’s benefit.


Workflows that reach across all project members provide the right people with the right information at the right time so delays are avoided and costs are kept under control.

Project managers

With Aconex reporting, PMs can identify bottlenecks anywhere in a project or portfolio and take action. By automating manual processes, Aconex also shortens turnaround times for everything from reviews and approvals to RFIs and change orders.


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Unite global teams

Standardize processes for managing correspondence and documents, plans and 3D models across every organization on your project. Know where any document or drawing is at any time.

Take control

Prevent cost overruns by enforcing common processes and ensuring that everyone has access to the information they need.

Sign up and start working

Take advantage of a cloud-based platform paired with unparalleled global training and support to get up and running in weeks not months.

Oil & Gas

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Oil & Gas

Collaborate across continents

Distribute and mark up large files with team members in remote locations in seconds. 93% of customers surveyed by TechValidate said Aconex made it easier to distribute large files or a large number of files.

Drive best practices

Manage front-end loading feasibility analysis and basic engineering design (FEED) on Aconex. Integrate contributions from different disciplines, and improve everything from interface management to schedule predictability.

Simplify compliance

Stay on top of environmental and safety requirements using our award-winning mobile inspection applications. Track compliance deliverables on Aconex and see at a glance what is overdue or missing.


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A cornerstone for JVs

Improve joint venture execution with well-defined approval processes and collaborative information-sharing protocols. Avoid duplicated work and automate burdensome reporting.

An integrated design

With Aconex, it’s easy for multidisciplinary engineering teams to collaborate around multiple 3D models. Detect clashes, avoid rework and reduce the time and cost that goes into site exploration, design, planning and development.

A platform that scales

Get started on Aconex with a small team at an early phase and add users and files as the project advances. There’s no limits on the number of users you invite or information you share.

Project-wide suite

Manage information and processes between all companies on your project.

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