A fast track for project information management

Prolongement du réseau du métro de Toronto par OHL-FCC

Prolongement du réseau du métro de Toronto exécuté par OHL-FCC
359 millions $US

A solution for all stakeholders

From global EPCs to local contractors, everyone on a project can easily and securely share information with Aconex. All a team member needs is a PC or a mobile device, and a password.

Perfect for PPPs or JVs

Aconex accommodates programs of any size or structure, ranging from the maintenance of heavy-gauge railways by a single EPC to the construction of urban metro system by international consortia.

Project-wide workflows

Enforce strict timelines with workflows that keep information flowing between all project participants. Get visibility into bottlenecks when design reviews and other processes bog down.

A trusted partner

Highly secure and scalable, Aconex has managed information and processes for complex urban programs, including the Dubai Metro and Denver’s Regional Transportation District FasTracks Transit Expansion Program.

Paving the way for successful projects

Denver RTD – largest voter-approved transit system expansion in the U.S.

Grand programme d’infrastructures avec RTD FasTracks
5 milliards de US$

Design review and approval

Whether you are reviewing design documents for a new toll plaza or a commuter light rail system, Aconex supports files of just about any size or type. View and mark up over 450 different file formats including BIM or 3D models with our online viewer.

Land access and acquisition

Easily organize all documents and communications related to land access and acquisition and share them with relevant members of the team. A permanent archive ensures they will always be backed up and available.


Track all documents and communications related to procurement activities and streamline deployment of everything from rolling stock to tunnel boring machines.

Utility relocation

Identify potential utility conflicts early in your project by increasing communication and collaboration among contractors, utilities and government agencies.

Delivering under budget and ahead of schedule

Prolongement de la Ligne Verte par AECOM

Prolongement de la Ligne Verte par AECOM
Plusieurs millions de dollars US

Constructability reviews

Coordinate thorough, multidisciplinary constructability reviews on the Aconex platform and reduce the number of change orders.


Manage, control and coordinate the commissioning process from anywhere using the secure, cloud-based Aconex platform and mobile apps. Finish field inspections in half the time.


Communicate critical scheduling information using Aconex to ensure that every message is delivered. Integrate with existing applications using Aconex Web APIs.

Maintaining road and rail systems

Reduce the lifetime cost of road and rail infrastructure with handovers that include a complete information archive of all designs, plans, schemas, vendor documents and decisions.

The Aconex advantage

Projets de 8 à plus de 100 millions de dollars canadiens

Increased productivity

Handle more projects with fewer document controllers and run common processes as much as ten times faster.

Rapid rollout

Megaprojects with globally dispersed teams have been able to get up and running on Aconex in days or weeks thanks to an intuitive interface and a cloud-based architecture.

Certified security

Aconex practices the highest level of information security, tested and certified by third parties.

Proof of business integrity

A neutral platform, Aconex ensures project transparency by capturing every version of every document and model together with every interaction and decision. Easily meet international standards for probity and ethics.

Project-wide suite

Manage information and processes between all companies on your project.

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Points forts de projets Aconex

Aéroports et ports

150 millions de dollars US

Port à conteneurs de Kingston Phase 1

Les workflows Aconex sont facilement adaptables pour correspondre à chacun de nos processus projet.

Sophie Baniel, Responsable Quality, Santé, Sécurité et Environnement

Santé et éducation

390 millions $US
Nouveau centre de recherche à l’Université de Montréal

Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal

Aconex permet à notre équipe de moins se concentrer sur la gestion de l’information et davantage sur l’exécution du projet.

Eric Lessard
Directeur des Technologies de l'Information, Pomerleau

Hôtellerie et loisir

200 millions $US
Rénovation pour l’anniversaire du centenaire du Ritz Carlton Montréal

Projet de Rénovation du Ritz-Carlton Montréal

Aconex est une solution innovante qui centralise les données de notre projet et rationalise nos processus d’inspection.

Eric Lessard
Directeur des Technologies de l'Information