Control the flow of information, project-wide

Aconex facilite l’installation d’une conduite hydraulique

Projet de Pipeline à Toowoomba
123 milliards $US

One platform

Securely access all documents—drawings, maps, schemas, models etc.—together with related correspondence in one place using the web or a mobile device.

Standardize reviews and approvals

Project-wide workflows let you take charge of how documents are distributed, reviewed and approved. Know where any document is at any given moment and prevent bottlenecks from affecting your schedule.

Structured communication

With Aconex, communication that was once buried in third-party email systems can be directly associated with physical assets and design models. Find emails in an instant and send large files knowing that they will be received.

A culture of accountability

Aconex supports PPPs, JVs, and other complex project structures by ensuring multiple organizations can control their own information while staying up to date on project details and achieving better, faster decision making.

Standard processes boost project reliability

Salini Impregilo standardise la gestion de tous ses projets dans le monde avec Aconex

Société Salini Impregilo

Planning and design

Keep design reviews moving with workflows that cross organizational boundaries. Incorporate feedback from every discipline—from architectural and civil to HVAC and instrumentation—while maintaining a single source of project information.


Manage bidding processes from one easy-to-use interface and minimize administrative work. Distribute packages, track responses or add addenda with a few keystrokes.

Quality control

Collaborate around data-rich BIM models in Aconex without any additional software. Identify and quickly resolve potential conflicts during early stages of construction.


Efficiently sequence work activities across a site with 4D modeling. Coordinate schedules with the design team, construction crew and plant operations on Aconex and ensure every message is delivered.

A foundation for decades of efficient operation

Pell Frischmann conçoit un meilleur système de distribution d’eau avec Aconex

Projet de distribution d’eau de la zone Loan
700 millions de $US

Permits and compliance

Compliance documentation can quickly become voluminous. Eliminate time wasted searching for documents underlying construction permits and environmental impact reports with powerful metadata and keyword search tools.


Remove potential bumps in the commissioning process with a complete set of contract documents, including detailed descriptions of components and sets of plans and requirements for field testing. Find everything on Aconex.

Inspections and reliability testing

Confirm every piece of equipment complies with design specifications and ensure proper functionality with a mobile inspection application that cuts inspection times in half.

O&M manuals

Create high-quality, comprehensive O&M manuals in a fraction of the time using Aconex Smart Manuals. Add as-built documentation with a click as your project progresses.

The Aconex advantage

Lagares, la plus importante station d’épuration par bio-filtration en Espagne

Station d’épuration par bio-filtration de Lagares
188 millions $US

A fast start

Project teams get going on Aconex in less than two weeks. Because Aconex runs 100% in the cloud, there is no hardware to buy or software to install and maintain, and the intuitive interface requires minimal training.

Widespread adoption

The benefits of increased collaboration coupled with strong information security—at no additional cost—drive adoption throughout a project.

All you can use

Invite everyone in your project and manage as much information and as many processes as you like. There are no restrictions on the amount of data, files or users and no additional costs.

Realized savings

Customers have been able to assemble project records for compliance up to 80 percent faster with Aconex.

Project-wide suite

Manage information and processes between all companies on your project.

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Points forts de projets Aconex

Industrie pétrolière

Vista Projects operates in the oil sands and conventional oil and gas sectors

Vista Projects

Les économies réalisées grâce à Aconex sont réellement significatives.

Patrick Reilly
Directeur Technologie

Résidentiel et Commercial

22.5 millions $US

Développement Hines Bayside Waterfront Toronto

Il est certain qu’Aconex nous a aidés à honorer le calendrier tout en respectant le budget.
Mark Potter, Directeur en charge de la construction

Santé et éducation

245 millions de dollars US
Université d’Alaska Fairbanks

Université d’Alaska Fairbanks

Aconex c’est comme un gestionnaire virtuel de ressources humaines.

Michael Ruckhaus, Chef de projet